Friday, June 26, 2020

What is blue brick tea? What is the difference with black brick tea

If Brick Tea is a big family, then Blue Brick and Black Brick must be brothers that are difficult to distinguish from outsiders. No matter how similar in appearance or taste, how to distinguish these two teas is a headache for many tea friends. What kind of tea is blue brick tea, and how is it different from black brick tea?

Green brick tea is a kind of black tea. It is made from fresh leaves of alpine tea trees at an altitude of 600 to 1200m, and is autoclaved at high temperature. Its origin is mainly in southern and southwestern regions of the Yangtze River Basin, and its origin is in the ancient town of Yangloudong, Zhaoliqiao, Chibi City, Hubei Province. It has a history of more than 600 years. The green brick tea has a rectangular brick shape, with a greenish brown color, pure aroma, mellow taste, orange and red soup, and dark brown leaf bottom. The difference between green brick tea and black brick tea is mainly reflected in the following points.

The production process is different

Black brick tea processing process: firstly sieving Mao tea, removing impurities and mixing raw materials. Then through the process of weighing tea, steaming tea, machine pressing, cooling, brick returning, brick inspection, drying, packaging and other processes. Among them, the drying time in the drying room is about 10 days, and the temperature is gradually increased, and the temperature can reach 70 ℃ during the drying.

The processing of green brick tea: When Mao tea is stored in the warehouse, only 70% to 80% is dried. After piled in the ventilation and ventilation slots in the warehouse, it forms natural fermentation, and then the green brick tea is processed. The pressing and drying process is basically similar to that of black brick tea, but the pressing of the tea brick is tighter.

The tea noodles are different

The raw materials of black brick tea are divided into "sprinkle noodle tea" and "baoxin tea". The sprinkled noodle tea is the second-grade or third-grade black hair tea, and the "Bao Xin" is the third- and fourth-grade black hair tea and some old green tea.

Green brick tea is divided into three parts: sprinkled noodles, two sides and tea. The layer on the top is called sprinkled noodles with the best quality; the layer on the bottom is called two sides, followed by the quality; the main part in the middle is called Licha, also known as Baoxin, which is of poor quality.

The shape characteristics are different

The black brick tea also has a rectangular brick shape and a black color. The aroma is pure, with a slight smoky aroma; the taste is pure and slightly astringent, the water color is red and yellow and dark; the leaf bottom is dark brown. Chen tea has camphor scent, mellow taste.

The shape of the green brick tea is rectangular brick with greenish brown color and pure aroma; the taste is still strong without greenishness, the color is reddish yellow; the leaf bottom is dark brown. Chen tea tastes sweet.

Therefore, we can see that the main appearance characteristics of black brick tea and green brick tea differ mainly in color, aroma and soup color.

Although there are so many differences, brick tea in history is mainly sold to nomadic areas. The nomadic people’s food structure lacks green vegetables, mainly beef and mutton and dairy products. Drinking brick tea often helps to eliminate greasy food and supplement the trace elements needed by the body. But to this day, green brick tea and black brick tea have also become collectors' treasures due to their unique flavors.

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