Wednesday, June 24, 2020

What is bath salt

Bath salts have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, so many beauty magazines strongly advocate this skin care method.

Bath salt is not ordinary salt. It is a variety of additives refined from natural sea salt. It is a crystal containing minerals, nutrients and some extracts (such as seaweed).

It is said that the earliest discovered salt was a European sailor with skin care effects. Although they are exposed to sunlight for a long time, the cleaning and anti-inflammatory effects of sea salt can make the skin healthy in time. Inspired by this, Dutch refined salt changed from deep sea to bath salt, allowing people to wash their faces and wash their feet. It has been proven that trace salts in bath salts can promote skin metabolism, disinfect, reduce inflammation, remove oil, shrink pores, and make skin smooth and delicate.

Hong Kong skin care experts further recommend that bathing in a salt bath is like a full body massage. Turn left | turn right to expand the data. If you want to exfoliate, you can also use this type of bath salt, but it is best to use cold water to wash your body after use. Bath salt need not be used in the bathtub. When steaming the sauna, you can put it in a cloth bag and gently wipe the skin to supplement the salt lost due to perspiration. Or you can put it in a cloth bag and hang it on the shower head. After cleansing the face with cleansing milk, you can also mix a small amount of bath salt with a basin of water and spend about 3 minutes. Clean your face.

When bathing with bath salt, the general dosage is 70 grams for adults and 50 grams for children. The optimal control time is within 15-30 minutes. During the bath, you can also use salt water to massage the whole body in the order of elbows, thighs, chest, abdomen and back, then soak in water for a short period of time, and finally wash with clean water and apply skin cream. This method of soaking and massage not only removes dirt but also enhances the vitality of the entire skin.

It should be noted that oily skin can be easily mixed with bath salt and water; dry skin can be half a teaspoon of bath salt, a teaspoon of water-soluble or weakly oily massage cream mixed with water. If you feel sick, please get up slowly and rest in a warm and airy place. People with high blood pressure and poor heart function should not take a bath for a long time, the water temperature should not be too high, and the water level should not exceed the chest; patients with low blood pressure should not use bath salts containing lavender ingredients.

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