Monday, June 22, 2020

What causes ear pain?

"Ear pain" is a clinical manifestation, and the professional term is called "ear pain". Many clinical diseases can result.

A common cause is infectious lesions of the ear. The first is the disease caused by bacterial infections, such as external ear canal swelling, external ear canal inflammation (can be caused by cerumen embolism), often accompanied by tragus tenderness and pinna pain, which is easier to diagnose. If it is an inflammatory lesion of the middle ear, there may be symptoms of pus in the ear, and endoscopic examination is often required to confirm the diagnosis. Necrotizing external otitis media is rare and occurs more frequently in patients with diabetes. The condition is more dangerous. CT scan of the temporal bone is helpful for diagnosis.

Secondly, fungal infection of the ear caused by unclean ear picking and other reasons, this disease is often accompanied by ear itching. There are also diseases caused by viral infections, such as bullous tympanitis and Hunt syndrome. The former is more painful, while the latter is not easy to diagnose in the early stage. It can show red skin and swelling of the auricle and herpes. In addition, anterior ear fistula and external auditory canal cholesteatoma can also cause ear pain.

There are also some non-infectious factors, such as ear foreign bodies (such as flying insects into the ear), ear trauma and subsequent auricular suppurative chondritis (caused by bacterial infection), ear tumors, and Eustachian tube dysfunction. Can cause ear pain.

In addition, lesions near the ear can also cause earache. Such as temporomandibular arthritis and mumps, the former is more severe when the mouth is opened and chewed, and the latter may have local redness and swelling. Another example is styloid process syndrome, which may be accompanied by throat pain and pharyngeal foreign body sensation. Imaging examination is helpful for diagnosis.

Finally, some lesions in the distant ear can also cause earache through nerve reflexes. Such as pulpitis, tonsillitis, throat ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux, etc.

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