Thursday, June 25, 2020

What are the tips for drinking without hurting the body

Before drinking

1. Before drinking, you can only eat 7 servings and not drink a lot of water. (This is to stay in the stomach for drinking)

2. Half an hour before drinking alcohol, drink a bottle of milk, preferably pure milk or sugary, to prevent drunk gastritis and dehydration. Drinking milk with sugar or honey can both promote the decomposition of ethanol and protect the gastric mucosa. Because dehydration will cause the loss of salt, you can drink some light saline or rehydration salt. (The most important thing is to save trouble)

3. Do not drink on an empty stomach, because alcohol is absorbed quickly when fasting, and people are easily drunk; the best prevention method is to eat oily foods such as fatty meat, hoof bladder, etc. before drinking alcohol, or drink milk to make use of fat in food Non-digestible properties protect the stomach and prevent alcohol from penetrating the stomach wall. This is the main recipe for drinking without being drunk. Because of this, it can prolong the absorption time of ethanol in vivo.


1. Don't drink ice water, lemonade and other irritating beverages when drinking, otherwise the milk in front will be drunk; do not drink with carbonated beverages such as cola, soda, etc. The ingredients in these beverages can speed up the body Absorb alcohol.

2. Drink liquor, don't drink it in one go, drink it in a few mouthfuls. To drink beer, you have to wait until the beer falls to drink, otherwise, it will be uncomfortable, or live broadcast.

3. Drink yoghurt during drinking – needless to say, acid alcohol = water

4. Because alcohol is more harmful to the liver, green leafy vegetables should be eaten when drinking alcohol. The antioxidants and vitamins can protect the liver. You can also eat some soy products, and the lecithin can protect the liver.

5. Should be slow rather than fast. Ethanol can enter the blood five minutes after drinking, and the blood ethanol concentration can reach its peak at 30 to 120 minutes. Drinking alcohol quickly increases the concentration of ethanol in the blood, and soon becomes drunk. If you drink it slowly, the body will have enough time to break down the ethanol, the amount of ethanol produced is less, and it is not easy to get drunk.

6. Combination of food and drink. What is the least drunk thing to eat when drinking? It is best to eat pork liver. This is not only because of its rich nutrition, but also because pig liver can improve the body's ability to detoxify ethanol. People who drink alcohol often cause the loss of vitamin B in the body, and pig liver is the most vitamin B-rich food, so eat boiled pig liver Or fried pork liver is an ideal side dish.

After drinking

1. Don't drink vinegar and drink tea to hangover after drinking. These are misunderstandings. Neither vinegar nor tea can hangover.

2. It is best not to drink strong tea after being drunk, but you can drink light tea. Tea polyphenols in tea have a certain hepatoprotective effect, but theophylline in strong tea can cause blood vessels to contract and increase blood pressure, but it will aggravate headaches. If someone can't help but drink too much, they can eat some fruit afterwards, or drink some juice, because the acidic ingredients in fruits and juices can neutralize alcohol. Many people do not eat after drinking, which is more harmful, and should eat some easily digestible food, such as a bowl of noodles is very good.

3. Dessert plus fruit. Eat desserts and fruits immediately after drinking to keep you from being drunk. As the saying goes, "Drink sweet persimmon after drinking, the taste will disappear", which is good. Fruits such as sweet persimmons contain a lot of fructose, which can oxidize ethanol and accelerate the catabolism of ethanol. Desserts also have a similar effect.

4. As far as possible after drinking, you can drink hot soup as much as possible, especially fish soup stewed with ginger, which has a hangover effect.

5. If you have vomiting after drinking, you should immediately find a bottle of mineral water to infuse to avoid vomiting and bleeding from the stomach.

6. Do not eat immediately after vomiting, especially barbecue food.

7. Please remember to put a container on the head of the bed before going to bed, so as not to wake up and vomit after going to bed before you reach the toilet.

8. The next day, if you feel stomach acid, please take Weishuping, and then drink water after the stomach acid relieves.

9. Provoking stomach pains, other stomach medicines can be taken as appropriate, and painkillers should not be taken, because painkillers are less effective for stomachaches.

10. You can choose hot drinks such as soy milk and milk early. If you need to go to work, you can use refreshing drinks such as pulsation, red bull, etc., to ensure that you will not delay your work.

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