Friday, June 26, 2020

What are the small details of brewing tea

Kung Fu tea is about kung fu making tea. The seemingly simple action of pouring water and pouring water, in fact, the small details contained in it can make the taste of the tea vary greatly, which is why the taste of the tea made by everyone is always different. one.

Water injection is knowledgeable. Just pay attention that you can also make tea with your own taste. In terms of water injection, there is a very applicable sentence: incense depends on flushing, soup depends on hanging. In two simple sentences, most people know, how to practice tea making?

The aroma depends on the flush, and a single "rush" is a violent action, quickly and decisively, let the tea leaves sway in the container, and fully contact with the water. There is also a key factor behind the action: the temperature of the water changes, the flush has : High flush and low flush, the high flush water flow is in contact with air for a longer time before contacting the tea, and it has the purpose of lowering the temperature. Compared with the low flush, the aroma is higher than the high flush. If you like the aroma of tea, the effect of low flush is better.

In addition, the tea suitable for the use of red tea is also more particular, and the action of the red is larger. Take the Pu'er tea: the coarser and older leaves are more suitable for tender leaves, and the old tea is more suitable for new tea.

The other is hanging water, of course, there are high and low hanging cranes. Hanging water can make the tea soup dense and soft, keep it in the middle, and will not have too many shortcomings or highlight the advantages of tea. The water line for water injection is relatively thin, and the contact time of boiling water and tea is relatively slow. Both the high water line and the low-profile water line are used to lower the temperature and will not leaching the caffeine in the tea too much. Tea soup will not feel bitter and will appear to be much softer.

This method is suitable for brewing Pu'er tea: delicate bud tips like a palace, and new tea within 1-3 years (new tea has an unstable taste, and the use of a milder water injection method does not disturb tea properties).

Of course, many people will form a habit about water injection. The general method of tea infusion is not much changed. If there are more teas, some methods will be summarized, but generally still follow some principles in the text: water To adjust the temperature and the speed of water and tea contact. There is no standard answer to the taste, and brewing techniques are also changing. Every attempt is the best hobby for tea, because every experience is different.

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