Tuesday, June 23, 2020

What are the misunderstandings of diabetic patients applying insulin?

Misunderstanding 1: Using insulin to explain that the condition has become more serious, there is no cure?

Injecting insulin is an important means of treating diabetes, and it is impossible to judge the severity of the condition based on whether or not injecting drugs are used.

Misunderstanding 2: The insulin will be dependent on the use of larger doses, but also increase weight?

Since the natural course of diabetes is the gradual decline of pancreatic islet β-cell function, even if the blood sugar is well controlled, the amount of insulin will gradually increase as the pancreatic islet function changes. Insulin use can cause weight gain, the main reason is that your diet has changed.

Myth #3: It’s too painful to take insulin every day. Can’t take it for a long time?

The insulin injection needle is very thin. In fact, most people can hardly feel pain when injecting insulin.

Myth #4: Insulin is addictive. Once used, there is no way to remove it?

Insulin is not addictive.

Myth 5: Using insulin will make my pancreatic islet secretion function "atrophy"?

Due to the regulation of its own neurohormones, whether we use insulin treatment or not, your pancreatic β cells will secrete basal insulin continuously. It is generally said that the continuous decline in β-cell function is caused by the natural course of diabetes itself, and has nothing to do with insulin injections. In the early stage of diabetes patients, because of the addition of exogenous insulin to lower blood sugar, the secretion burden of β cells can be appropriately reduced, but the function of β cells will be restored.

Myth 6: Insulin therapy can cause severe hypoglycemia?

Your initial insulin treatment dose will be low, so the risk of hypoglycemia will be small. And with good self-monitoring, you can completely avoid the occurrence of hypoglycemia.

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