Tuesday, June 23, 2020

What are the hazards of playing mobile phones for a long time

Smartphones have been deeply implanted in our lives. Some people even say that mobile phones have become an organ of our body and are always attached to us. Let us see what harm this "new organ" has to us.

1. Injury to the eyes. When playing mobile phones lying on the side of the bed, it will cause greater pressure on the left and right eyes, compress the blood vessels, and cause insufficient blood supply, which will soon lead to deviations in the vision of the left and right eyes. Looking at the screen of a mobile phone in a dark environment, due to the strong light on the screen, it causes a strong irritation to the eyes and makes the eyes tired, so that myopia and even astigmatism will occur within a month. Especially for children under 3 years old, see bright things for 15 minutes or less to avoid damage to eyesight. Relevant information shows that using mobile phones to read text and pictures is more eye-catching than reading books and newspapers, that is, mobile phones need more focus to see things.

2. Affect intelligence. In the human blood circulation, it is necessary to maintain a balance of positive and negative charges. And the mobile phone continuously emits electrical radiation outwards, which will affect this balance state. Over a long period of time, this will reduce immunity and fatigue easily, leaving the body in a sub-healthy state. Because the balance of positive and negative charges is inseparable from nerve conduction, when the nerve conduction in the brain is impaired, intelligence will be affected to varying degrees.

3. Reduced sleep. Adequate sleep is a necessary guarantee for a healthy life. Because when playing mobile phones, the body's melatonin (secreted by the pituitary gland, which directly affects the quality of sleep) will be reduced, resulting in reduced sleep or even sleeplessness. I believe that those who play mobile phones until midnight or later will have a profound experience-they are not sleepy at all, and do not want to sleep. Inducing insomnia or intensifying the condition of patients who have already suffered from insomnia. There is a type of depression called seasonal depression. Its occurrence is related to the secretion of melatonin, so playing with a mobile phone for a long time can also induce or aggravate depression.

4. Susceptible to diseases. The mobile phone emits electrical radiation, and its radiation intensity has nothing to do with the remaining power, but has a certain relationship with the signal strength. The greater the signal intensity, the higher the radiation intensity and the greater the harm to the body. Electrical radiation can prevent cells from carrying out normal metabolic activities and damage nerve function and cardiovascular system. Can cause cancer, heart disease, dementia, tinnitus, hearing loss, etc. Studies have shown that playing phone for a long time can also induce or aggravate tics and attention deficits and disorders (commonly known as ADHD).

5. Affect the work. American researchers have found that if people are interrupted by the phone while concentrating on work and study, it can take up to 15 minutes to re-enter. What's more serious is that if people have to put down their work to answer the phone because of the ringtones, it will have a serious impact on people's work efficiency and mood. Studies have shown that the interference of mobile phone ringtones at work may reduce people's creativity, attention and memory.

6. Prone to accidents. Many people play with their mobile phones while walking, some of them hit people and street lights, some of them have car accidents, and some of them fall into the ditch. Walking and playing with mobile phones is very dangerous.

7. The relationship between people is getting colder and colder. No matter in the company, on the bus, or even in the family, there are more and more low-headed people, and there are fewer and fewer topics among colleagues, friends, and loved ones. Even talking is perfunctory, and the feelings between people are Cool down.

The above is just a part of the hazards of mobile phones. For us to have a healthy environment, try to mute the mobile phone at work and communicate with the landline phone; try not to bring the mobile phone into the bedroom to create a green sleeping environment; play mobile phone time every day After a long time, I want to put down a long distance to look into the distance and rest our tired eyes.

For those who often play mobile phones, the machine does not leave a warning: Although the mobile phone is small, a lot of harm, put down the phone and live a healthy life!

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