Monday, June 22, 2020

What are the early clinical manifestations of breast cancer?

(1) Breast lump: The main manifestation of breast cancer is a lump on the breast, which is often an early symptom of breast cancer. Most patients have no pain, and only less than 1/3 of patients feel some tingling or dull pain, but it is not very obvious. About 60% of the mass grows outside and above the breast, and is round and irregular in shape. Early cancer tissue is not infiltrated. The lump can still move. However, because the breast cancer mass is very similar to the benign breast tumor in many ways, it is only by touching the mass to determine its nature that it is

Inaccurate, you must go to the hospital for inspection.

(2) Unilateral nipple discharge: Women who are not breastfeeding suddenly have nipple water (milk-like, blood-like, and water-like fluids), which should be noted because some of these patients are breast cancer.

Five Faces of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the highest incidence of female tumors, which has exceeded the incidence of cervical cancer. The survey shows that 40,000 people die of breast cancer each year in my country, becoming the "first killer" of urban women. So just in case, everyone must see the following “faces” of breast cancer!

One of "Facebook": Dimple Sign

The appearance of dimples in the breast is a manifestation of breast suspensory ligament involvement. Because tumors in the deep and superficial breasts invade the suspensory ligament, it will cause it to lose its elasticity and contracture, which will stretch the skin and cause local depression, forming a dimple. If the tumor directly invades the skin, it will also cause skin depression.

But not all dimple signs are breast cancer. Chronic inflammation of the breast, fat necrosis, subcutaneous thrombophlebitis of the breast, and postoperative scar contracture can also cause skin depression, which requires careful diagnosis.

"Facebook" second: vein dilation

Unilateral breast vein dilation in pregnant women or lactating women is often caused by inflammation or malignant tumors. The most common tumors are breast sarcoma and giant fibroids.

"Facebook" third: orange peel sign

Breast cancer subcutaneous lymphatic vessels are invaded, and blocked lymphatic reflux can cause skin edema, but the skin of the hair follicle will not follow the edema, which is easy to cause the breast surface to sag, just like orange peel. At the same time, the possibility of inflammatory breast cancer is not ruled out. Inflammatory breast cancer often has a wider range, even involving all breasts.

"Face" 4: Nipple and areola changes

Tumors appear under the nipple, which can pull the nipple to cause the nipple to deflect and the nipple to sag; invading the nipple can cause nipple ulcers and erosion. The symptoms of eczema-like breast cancer are crusted nipples, desquamation, erosion, and repeated non-healing.

"Face": Partial breast bulge

Breast lumps develop to a certain degree and will swell on the skin surface with or without skin pigmentation.

If the above symptoms appear, it indicates that breast cancer has reached the middle and late stages, and you need to find a specialist immediately.

Female friends should learn to self-examine: first observe the breast for the above-mentioned "face" changes, and then palpate, the inspection time should be selected 3 to 7 days after the end of each menstruation, because the breasts during this period are not full, if there are abnormalities Change, easy to touch.

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