Thursday, June 25, 2020

What are the benefits of eating chocolate?

In life, many people love to eat chocolate, especially children will spit when they see chocolate. Why is chocolate so appealing? The main ingredient of chocolate is cocoa butter, which contains theobromine, which is toxic to many animals, but for humans, theobromine is a healthy anti-sedative ingredient, so eating chocolate has improved Spirit, enhance excitement and other functions, and some people define it as a symbol of love. Let's take a look at the benefits of eating chocolate.

Chocolate lowers blood pressure and helps skin beauty

Chocolate often gives the impression of being rich in fat, but eating chocolate properly can bring many health benefits. Studies have found that chocolate is rich in cocoa ingredients, insist on eating chocolate every day, after four weeks you can see blood pressure lowered, and it is said to have the effect of increasing good cholesterol. The higher the blood pressure, the more obvious the antihypertensive effect of eating chocolate. This may be because cocoa polyphenols have the effect of promoting the lack of ingredients in the human body.

In addition, the polyphenols contained in chocolate can not only promote the health of blood vessels, but also continue to be consumed from a young age. It has better beauty and anti-aging effects. After a period of time, you can feel the youthfulness, vitality and elasticity of the skin. The purpose of letting women "return to old"

How to choose healthy chocolate?

However, no matter how many healthy ingredients are contained in chocolate, if you choose to eat chocolate with high sugar content, it is naturally inseparable from the fattening end. Obesity is not beneficial to human health, so how can you choose to be healthy? What about chocolate that doesn't make you fat?

The key to choosing healthy chocolate is the content of cocoa butter. The higher the cocoa butter content, the stronger the bitterness of chocolate. It is said that the cocoa butter content that is most beneficial to beauty is 72%. If the content of cocoa butter is too much, it may cause the chocolate to be too bitter, making it difficult to swallow. Therefore, considering the taste, the content of cocoa butter is not as good as possible.

Intake is also critical, 25 grams per day

Healthy eating chocolate should not only focus on the content of chocolate itself, but also on the amount of food consumed. Daily consumption of 25 grams of chocolate is a more suitable intake, about 140 kcal, and is also more suitable from the perspective of calorie control.

When eating chocolate, choose the right food to enjoy the deliciousness of chocolate. Whether it is with red wine or coffee, it is best for Valentine's Day. Watching a movie with your lover while drinking red wine and coffee while eating some chocolate , Not only healthy, but full of emotion.

The above is a related introduction to the benefits of eating chocolate, I believe everyone knows it. Although chocolate has a unique taste and many benefits, so many people like to eat it, but you can’t eat too much in a day, otherwise you will gain weight, especially girls who love beauty should control the consumption of chocolate.

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