Thursday, June 25, 2020

Ways to prevent dry skin in winter

Winter air is dry, windy and dusty, and the skin is easy to dry, especially for people with dry skin, the phenomenon of skin explosion occurs in winter, even after using various skin care products, the effect is not very good. In this regard, skin care experts said that although the skin care products on the market have a certain effect, but the symptoms are not cured, if you want to know how to solve the problem of dry skin in winter, then you may wish to use diet.

As we all know, food is rich in elements, these elements are of great help to our body. For example, if you search for solutions to the problem of "what to do with dry skin in winter", then there must be many diet cares other than skin care products online. Like tomatoes, lemons, mud kiwis, etc., these are rich in vitamins and can supplement the missing elements of the human body, so you can usually eat more of these fruits.

Skin care experts also pointed out that in addition to the external causes of dry skin in winter, the internal is also an important reason. We all know that the reason for the water in the summer is that the summer weather is hot and drinks much water. According to statistics, in summer, each person can drink one glass of water an hour on average, and some can even drink two glasses. In winter, because of the low temperature and low human activity, there is less water. On average, you can drink about half a glass. Some people only drink one glass of water in the morning, which means that in summer, the amount of water people drink is winter. Two to three times, it goes without saying that naturally the body has the most water in summer. So under such circumstances, what to do if the skin is dry in winter?

Experts suggest that people with dry skin in winter usually drink more water, and even if they go to the toilet more often, they should stick to it. Don’t drink less water to reduce the frequency of going to the toilet, which is bad for your health. Second, eat more fruits, especially those with more vitamin content, and usually eat more apples. Third, be sure to eat more vegetables. Winter temperatures are low, people have a good appetite, and eat more meat. It is recommended to eat more vegetables at ordinary times, which is helpful for human excretion. The fourth thing to note is to protect the skin. Although winter is not as dry as summer, there are also ultraviolet rays in winter. It is best to wipe skin water and isolation when shopping or facing the computer to reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays and computer radiation to the skin.

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