Monday, June 22, 2020

Washing your hands before going to toilet is equally important

Washing your hands after going to the toilet will help keep your hands clean and hygienic, which I believe most people know. As everyone knows, washing hands before going to toilet is also a good habit to effectively protect human health.

Washing hands before going to the toilet is not optional

In the process of daily work, study or shopping, people's hands will inevitably be contaminated with various pathogenic agents. If you do not wash your hands before you urinate or urinate, the dirt on your hands, various pathogenic microorganisms such as germs, molds, and even sexually transmitted microorganisms, if they stick to your underwear, lower body skin, or even the genitals, may cause corresponding lesions. Therefore, washing your hands before you urinate or urinate can reduce or avoid this cross-infection.

After a woman gets big or urinates, the germs on her hands may contaminate the "lower body". Especially menstrual women should pay more attention to this problem. During menstruation, women's resistance is low, and bacteria can easily "take advantage of this" during this period; and menstrual blood is the best "culture medium" for bacteria. At this time, more attention should be paid to keeping the "lower body" clean and hygienic to avoid urinary and reproductive systems. Infection.

Men In general, men often use their fingers to directly contact the external genitals when urinating. If their hands are not clean, they are more likely to make the "lower body" contaminated with bacteria and other diseases, or be transmitted to the woman through unclean sex. In addition, employees in banking, finance, medical care, postal services, etc., have a greater chance of exposure to pollutants, and should usually develop a strict habit of washing their hands before going to the toilet.

You can’t just flush with water

It is best to use hand soap (or soap) before washing your hands. If there is no condition, you can wash it with clean water, but rub your hands as many times as possible and flush them with water as many times as possible. Be sure to try to dry your hands after washing your hands before going to the toilet. You can bring some facial tissues with you. There is also a simpler and less embarrassing method, which is to prepare a pack of disinfectant wet tissues and wipe your hands before going to the toilet. If it is inconvenient to wash your hands, buy a few oranges (oranges), wipe your hands with the peel, and dry them with facial tissue. It is also a convenient way.

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