Sunday, June 28, 2020

Use three points and seven points to teach you how to help your car extend its life

As a means of transportation, cars have become more and more popular in the lives of ordinary people, but more and more car maintenance and repair problems have also followed, making many consumers enjoy the ride at the same time. Can't help but frown. However, a set of data shows that at present, only 5% of the total cars are kept in professional stores for maintenance. Not to mention the price of the 5% rare people’s car, in fact, whether it is a mid-to-high-end car or an economy car, the principle is the same, and they need to be maintained on time. Only proper maintenance can extend the life of the car and let you use it. Worry-free.

Experts say that the maintenance of the car in good condition, in addition to the car's own good performance and quality, also depends on daily maintenance and maintenance. Therefore, the author is willing to share some tips on maintenance with many car owners here, hoping to help everyone.

Daily articles

The safe and normal use of vehicles should focus on "three-point repair and seven-point maintenance". Obviously, this is to make consumers aware of the importance of daily maintenance. The main points that need to be noticed by car owners are the following:

1. Check tire pressure frequently. Keep the tire pressure within the standard value range. Too low tire pressure will increase vehicle fuel consumption, and tire pressure that meets the requirements can reduce fuel consumption by 3.3 percentage points.

2. Regularly change the engine oil, pay attention to cleaning the carbon deposit and filter, and replace the spark plug in time.

3. To refuel at a regular gas station, select the appropriate fuel grade according to the compression value of your car. A higher or lower grade will cause increased carbon deposits in the cylinder and fuel injection nozzle, shortening the service life.

4. Try not to increase the power consumption equipment in the car, so as not to increase the load of the generator.

5. To avoid weight-bearing, overspeed and low-speed driving during the running-in period.

Fuel saving

Good driving habits can not only reduce fuel consumption, but also extend the life of the vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to drive correctly. Mainly pay attention to the following points:

1. Understand the road conditions before traveling to avoid lines with many cars.

2. Try to "reduce the burden" for your car.

3. Never step on the accelerator, brake and accelerate quickly, try to run at an economic speed on the highway, and avoid low-speed high-speed driving.

4. See the red light to collect oil early, reasonably use the method of not stopping flame and slipping, and step on the brake less.

5. Drive as high as possible. Vehicles with manual transmission should be shifted to high gear in time after the vehicle speed is stable.

6. Avoid idling for a long time. Waiting to stop the engine as much as possible without letting it idle.

7. Use less air conditioner, the gear should be moderate when using. Do not open the window when driving at high speed.

8. It is not advisable to start with a large throttle and warm up the engine, because the engine runs at low temperature and wastes oil.

Interior articles

Bacteria are prone to breed in spring, and cars that have been bored all winter need to be thoroughly disinfected in time. The beauty in the car will not only have a bright and lacquered appearance, but also a comfortable and clean interior space, which is also related to the health of the owner. It is recommended that you quickly hurry up your car for car beauty in sunny March:

1. "Steam a sauna" for the car, the high-temperature steam can remove the stains on the corners of the air-conditioning vents, seats, interiors, etc., and also remove the odor in the car.

2. Use special interior cleaning agent to clean and disinfect the console, door and other parts. Remind car owners to use neutral detergent when cleaning, avoid using substances containing strong acids and alkalis, and pay attention to avoid corrosion caused by water in electrical equipment such as audio, radio, and CD during cleaning.

3. In the south, when there is a lot of rain in spring, the car should be washed frequently, and the acid in the rain water should be washed away in time to reduce the damage to the car's paint surface. It should be dried as soon as possible after the car washes. In the north, the wind and sand are relatively large in spring, so it is necessary to wax and seal the car more. The fine sand and dust on the body surface can easily scratch the car paint when wiping the car.

For mobility tools, the quality of the car itself is the primary factor if you want to buy it at ease and use it with ease. However, not paying attention to maintenance is the second key factor for car life.

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