Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Two weeks before the expected date of delivery, these problems should be clarified by pregnant mothers and are closely related to childbirth

The girlfriends have been pregnant for 38 weeks, and I look forward to the baby's launch every day. I really spend my life like every day. Every day is very long for her. A few days ago, my girlfriend suddenly became "aware," and she called me to ask if she was about to prepare something or was about to know something about production.

This is indeed the case. Two weeks before the expected date of delivery, pregnant mothers are more likely to find something to do to pass the time, to figure out these issues that are closely related to childbirth. It's too busy to mess things up.

Understand your physical condition and consult a doctor if you need to be admitted to the hospital in advance for labor

Two weeks before the due date, the obstetric inspection must be done in time. It is very important for pregnant mothers to know their physical condition. When necessary, they should actively consult a doctor to see if they need to be admitted to hospital in advance for labor. At this time, the pregnant mother and family can be said to be careless.

About the mode of production can basically be determined at this time. If the pregnant mother and the baby are in good condition, it is recommended to choose natural birth. If the pregnant mother has some diseases that are not suitable for natural birth, or the fetus is too large, the fetal position is not correct, etc. For other reasons, it is best to follow the doctor's instructions. If the doctor recommends a cesarean section or is hospitalized in advance, the pregnant mother is also capricious. It is important to listen to the doctor's advice.

Is the fetus in the basin? Is the fetal position correct? Fetal development

This question is also what pregnant mothers need to know. Under normal circumstances, the doctor will take the initiative to inform you of this information during obstetrics. Of course, if the doctor does not mention it, the pregnant mother will take the initiative to ask.

Whether the fetus is put into the basin, whether the fetal position is correct, the weight of the baby, and other aspects of development, pregnant mothers should understand. Pregnant mothers understand their own situation in advance, so that they can feel more confident when giving birth.

What are the symptoms before labor? What items are needed for the waiting bag?

About some symptoms before labor, such as what is red, what is water breaking, what is contraction, and how should the pregnant mother and her family respond to these symptoms, so some basic prenatal knowledge pregnant women must master. In this way, when there are birth symptoms, the pregnant mother will not be helpless.

In addition, pregnant mothers should also understand the items that need to be prepared in the waiting bag. During the production, which items in the waiting bag will definitely be used, must be prepared, and which are not used in the production of the hospital, you can not prepare first, or do not need to be packed in the waiting bag, and leave it at home and wait for discharge Use it again.

In addition to these problems need to be clarified, for pregnant mothers and their families, what documents need to be prepared before birth, the route to the hospital during production, etc. These related issues should also be clarified, after all, the expected date of birth is getting closer and closer, pregnant mothers The timing of the launch is unknown. Only when these problems are clarified will the production process be smoother.

Two weeks before the expected date of delivery, have you figured out these issues related to childbirth?

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