Tuesday, June 30, 2020

To prevent myopia in adolescents, ophthalmologists said 5 tricks!

There are two main causes of myopia:

1. Genetics

Scientific statistics have found that if my parents have myopia, especially high myopia, the chance of children suffering from myopia is more than 90%; if both parents are myopia, the child has 7 times the chance of myopia; if the parents have one Myopia, the child is three times more likely to suffer from myopia than the general population.

Therefore, mom and dad love to take care of their eyes, which can reduce the probability of myopia.

What if my parents are short-sighted?

2. Eye habit

The environment and eye habits of a child after birth will also affect his vision, and it has become more serious in my country in recent years.

For example, a lot of close-up eyes, watching mobile phones, playing Pad, long hours of homework and reading. Mom and Dad didn't expect it. Reading books can also cause myopia. The key word here is long time.

3. Outdoor sports time

Children have high academic pressure and many homework. The main time of the day is used for learning. There is little time to participate in outdoor sports. The lack of outdoor sports or sun exposure is also an important reason for myopia.

Now that everyone knows the reason for the child's myopia, he has a good idea. Youma also took the opportunity to consult a professional ophthalmologist. He quietly shared 5 unique tricks with Youma to share with everyone.

1. Wang Yuan is the basis for preventing myopia

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has proposed a "20-20-20" principle of using the eye, that is, seeing near for 20 minutes, seeing clearly within 20 seconds, and maintaining a distance of 20 feet. You can look into the distance after you have seen the vicinity.

Ophthalmologists suggest that we ordinary people read books or watch TV for about 30 minutes, it is about 5 minutes away. If you are watching electronic products such as mobile phones and tablets, it should not exceed 20 minutes. The combination of far and near is the most important way to avoid myopia.

2. Improve lighting conditions

The second is to arrange the environment for children to read and study, mainly the lighting conditions. The light must be uniform and standard. In the evening, the lights should be turned on as early as possible to avoid children reading the book under dim lights, which can easily cause eye fatigue.

3. Develop good eye habits

Once a good habit is formed, the child will benefit for life. Good eye habits here include keeping glasses and books a foot away when reading a book, about 33 centimeters, with a fist between the chest and the edge of the table, and holding an pen an inch from the tip of the pen, about 3 centimeters.

Youma found that many middle school students' habits of sitting and writing homework were wrong, which not only caused myopia, but also a series of standing, walking, and developmental problems.

Therefore, mom and dad adjust their children's homework posture in a timely manner, it is also a trifle.

Furthermore, do not read while asleep, do not read in the shaking car, and do not read your mobile phone while walking. These are all bad eye habits.

For children who can't do it, parents can send this article to children to see, let them know the effective method of scientific prevention of myopia.

4. Eat well and sleep well

The human body is an internal circulatory system. Only after eating well, sleeping, and in a good mood, can we study well and be in good health. Eating well refers to supplementing calcium, phosphorus and vitamins in moderation, and then eating less sweets. Adolescent children want to be long and avoid myopia, they must eat less sugar, milk tea, cola, ice cream are all high sugar snacks.

Sleeping is a way of charging the eyes. Adolescent children must guarantee at least 9-10 hours of sleep time. In order to study, working hard at night at night is a worthless thing.

5. Actively participate in outdoor sports

Outdoor sports is one of the most effective ways to prevent myopia globally. Outdoor sunlight is full-spectrum, and the illuminance is much better than indoors. Regular outdoor sports can not only exercise children's bodies, but also make their eyes healthier.

Even if the child is already short-sighted, outdoor exercise many times a day can avoid deepening the degree.

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