Monday, June 29, 2020

Tire maintenance is about safety, don't ignore sharp objects on tires

Don't let the tires fall on the shoulder easily

According to reports, in addition to being careful when encountering some small debris embedded in the wheel, the owner can easily overlook many aspects, such as pressing the road shoulder is very easy to cause a flat tire. Many car owners have the experience of driving the car on the shoulder. Don't think that the tire can be carried. Due to the huge force on the small area, the shoulder can always push the tire into an "internal injury", thereby burying the hidden danger of bulging or even a flat tire.

Nitrogen charging is not as good as regular pressure testing

At the same time, in order to prevent the tire from puncturing, many car owners like to inflate the tire with nitrogen. The thermal expansion and contraction of nitrogen is not obvious, thus avoiding tire puncture. This argument is indeed valid, because nitrogen is not significantly affected by temperature. It's just that the owner should not rely too much on nitrogen. In fact, no matter what gas is charged, the most scientific method should be to check the tire pressure at regular intervals, especially when the seasons are alternated, and refer to the relevant standards. Some air is properly released on hot days, and adequate on cold days. Some are more effective in avoiding flat tires.

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