Sunday, June 28, 2020

Tire brightener should not be used blindly to avoid corrosion of the wheel hub

After washing the tires, the tires are often painted with a layer of brightener. Although the surface makes the tires look new and bright, if the poor quality products will cause the wheels to be corroded. Therefore, the editor reminds that the majority of netizens should carefully consider the use of tire brightener after washing the car.

The inferior tire brightener can only maintain the brightness for a very short period of time. It takes less than a few days for the tire surface to return to its original state. Many car owners feel that this service is free, and they are happy to let the other party provide such value-added services. As everyone knows, behind the tire's "glow", the wheels may be damaged.

The hub is mainly divided into two types of casting and forging from the manufacturing process. Generally, the casting ring is aluminum, and the forging ring has aluminum, and some are added with titanium. Most of the wheels of high-end cars are now made of aluminum alloy materials. This wheel looks beautiful, but it's also very cute. To maintain the beautiful appearance of the wheels, in addition to taking extra care to prevent accidental damage to the wheels during driving, the wheels must also be regularly maintained and maintained.

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