Thursday, June 25, 2020

Tips to prevent motion sickness

I believe many people will be familiar with motion sickness. Speaking of motion sickness is too professional, so today we mainly talk about how to do motion sickness. In fact, the situation of motion sickness also varies. Some people just feel dizzy and uncomfortable when riding a car, but some patients with motion sickness will have vomiting and other phenomena.

Motion sickness is not a serious illness. But it is also a problem for people who travel frequently and are motion sick. Then let's take a look at the following methods, which may make you no longer troubled by motion sickness.

1. If motion sickness patients can drink a cup of warm water mixed with vinegar before riding the car, it can effectively prevent motion sickness.

2. If you can prepare a piece of ginger before getting on the train, put it under your nostrils at any time while driving. This can also have a relatively good effect on motion sickness.

3. Many people do not know that eating mustard can prevent motion sickness. In fact, mustard can stimulate the sense of taste and relieve some discomfort caused by motion sickness. In addition, mustard can also suppress some nausea symptoms in the stomach.

Fourth, carbonated beverages, whether it is Coca-Cola or some carbonated gas violent drinks. Alleviate motion sickness. But this method is not suitable for everyone. Friends can choose according to their own situation.

The above four methods are just some tips for motion sickness. I hope to be helpful to the majority of motion sickness friends. In addition, if the motion sickness is more serious, it is recommended not to eat too much or eat too much greasy food before riding the car. If it is really not prepared, it is recommended to buy motion sickness medicine at the station.

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