Sunday, June 28, 2020

Tips for cleaning and maintaining special parts in the car

With the increasing speed of cars entering the home, how to maintain the car has become one of the most concerned topics. In addition to going to the repair shop regularly for regular maintenance, the maintenance of some small places is also worthy of attention, because the maintenance and care of these places are also related to your comfort and safety when driving.

Instrument panel cleaning needs to be meticulous

One of the most important components in the car is the instrument panel. Its cleanliness directly affects the driver's health and the passenger's visual experience of the overall effect of the car's internal environment. The instrument panel is difficult to clean due to its complicated structure and many corners. A little attention to the instrument panel will reveal that there are very few parts that can be cleaned only with a rag and sponge, and some ditch areas need to be cleaned with "special tools".

Use various thicknesses of wood chips or ruler chips, repair its head into different shapes such as diagonal triangle, rectangle or pointed shape, and then wrap it with a clean rag to clean the ditch. It can be ideal. It can improve the cleaning effect. It will not damage the area being cleaned.

Carpet washing tips

The most dirty place in the car is the carpet. If you use a vacuum cleaner with a brush head to vacuum, you can make the dirty carpet look less dirty. For dirtier carpets, you can only use special detergents. Generally, you need to remove the dust before using the detergent, then spray an appropriate amount of detergent, wash it with a brush, and finally wipe off the excess detergent with a clean rag, so that the washed carpet can be clean and clean. The same softness as before.

It should be noted that the carpet should not be completely immersed in water and brushed. On the one hand, it will destroy the adhesion of several layers of different materials inside the carpet. On the other hand, it will not dry the carpet for a long time and affect the use effect, causing the interior of the car. Damp.

Brake maintenance has a doorway

The focus of the inspection of the brake system is the amount of brake fluid to confirm whether it reaches the baseline of the storage tank. If the brake fluid is found to be significantly reduced from the previous inspection, there is a high possibility of failure. If the amount of fluid is insufficient to allow air to enter, the brakes will become insensitive. In addition, check the clutch, try to step on the pedal, check the intermittent point, poor contact or accurate point deviation requires repair. For the brake fluid, the following 6 points require special attention: 1. The storage tank of the brake fluid is made of translucent resin. If the tank is dirty, simply wipe it with a cloth to perform a simple visual inspection; 2. The amount of brake fluid and The wear of the brake pads is closely related. There is no problem when it is slowly reduced. If it is reduced rapidly, make up first and then observe. 3. Check the remaining amount of brake fluid through the display window of the card box, and also pay attention to the damage of the brake tube; 4. Spray the brake cleaner on the card box and the disc roller to remove dust and grease to make the brake sensitive Improve; 5. For the clutch, first check the amount of fluid in the storage tank in the engine room, and the clutch cannot be disengaged when there is insufficient; 6. The clutch uses the same fluid as the brake fluid, and there is a tank for backup.

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