Thursday, June 25, 2020

Tips for cleaning and maintaining leather bags

In addition to high heels, girls' favorite items are undoubtedly bags. In order to treat their years of hard work, many girls will spend a lot of money to buy high-end leather bags, but if these leather bags are not cleaned, maintained, improperly stored, etc., they will easily become wrinkled and moldy. In fact, the cleaning and maintenance of leather bags are not difficult at all. As long as you work hard and use the right method, the beloved high-end brand bags can be beautiful and unchanged. Now let's teach you some simple leather bag cleaning and maintenance methods.

1. Storage does not squeeze

When not in use, it is best to store it in a cotton bag. If there is no suitable bag, the old pillowcase is also very suitable. Never put it in a plastic bag, because the air in the plastic bag will not dry, and the leather will be too dry. Damaged. It is also best to stuff some fabric, small pillows or white paper in the bag to keep the shape of the bag.

There are a few points to note here: first, the bags should not be stacked; second, the cabinet used to store leather products must be kept ventilated, but the cabinet can be placed with desiccant; third, the unused leather bags should be fixed for a period of time Take out the oil for maintenance and air-drying, so as to extend the service life.

2. Weekly cleaning

The absorption of leather is strong, and some can even see pores. It is best to develop weekly cleaning and maintenance to prevent the formation of stains. Use a soft cloth, wring it dry with water, wipe the leather bag repeatedly, wipe it again with a dry cloth, and dry it in a ventilated place. It is worth noting that the leather bag is most forbidden to touch the water, carry it out on rainy days, in case of rain, or accidentally being splashed with water, remember to wipe it dry with a dry cloth immediately, and do not blow it with a hair dryer.

In addition, you can also fix the vaseline (or leather-specific maintenance oil) with a clean soft cloth every month to wipe the surface of the bag to maintain the good "skin" of the surface cortex and avoid cracking. Can have a basic waterproof effect, remember to leave it for about 30 minutes after wiping. It should be noted that petroleum jelly or maintenance oil should not be applied too much, so as not to block the pores of the leather and cause air permeability.

3. Immediately remove the dirt

If the leather bag is accidentally stained with stains, you can use a cotton pad with some cleansing oil and gently wipe the dirt to avoid leaving too much force and leaving traces. As for the metal accessories on the bag, if there is slight oxidation, you can wipe it with silver cloth or copper oil cloth.

If you find that the leather products are moldy, if the situation is not serious, you can first wipe off the mold on the surface with a dry cloth, and then spray 75% medicinal alcohol on another clean soft cloth, wipe the whole leather, and dry it after ventilating and shady , Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or maintenance oil to prevent the growth of mold again. If the surface of the mold is wiped with a dry cloth, there are still mold spots, which means that the mycelium has been deeply planted in the leather. It is recommended to send the leather product to a professional leather maintenance store for processing.

4. Scratches can be pushed with the fingertips

When the bag is scratched, you can use your fingertips to slowly and gently wipe it until the scratches fade along the grease on the leather. If the scratch is still obvious, it is recommended to send the leather product to a professional leather care store for treatment. In case of discoloration due to scratches, you can wipe the discolored area with a dry cloth, then use a sponge to take an appropriate amount of leather repair cream, apply it evenly to the blemished place, let it stand for 10 to 15 minutes, and finally use clean The cotton cloth can wipe the block repeatedly.

5. Control humidity

If the budget is sufficient, the use of electronic moisture-proof boxes to store leather products will be better than ordinary cabinets. The humidity of the electronic dampproof box is controlled at about 50% relative humidity, so that the leather products can be kept in a dry and not too dry environment. If there is no moisture barrier in the home, you can use a dehumidifier to dehumidify to avoid excessive moisture in the home.

6. Avoid contact with rough and sharp objects

To keep the leather bag soft and comfortable, do not overload the contents and avoid damage caused by friction with rough and sharp objects. In addition, it is also forbidden to expose to the sun, roast or squeeze in the hot sun, do not get close to flammable products, do not get wet, or close to acidic products.

Use and maintenance of genuine leather bags

1. Keep dry and store in a cool and ventilated place.

2. Avoid exposure to sunlight, fire roasting, washing with water, impact with sharp objects and contact with chemical solvents.

3. The handbag does not have any waterproof treatment procedures. If the handbag is wet, please dry it with a soft cloth to prevent the surface from wrinkling due to stains or watermarks. If you use it on a rainy day, you should pay special attention.

4. Shoe polish should not be used casually.

5. The moisturizer should avoid wet water. It should be cleaned with raw rubber wipes and special supplies. Shoe polish should not be used.

6. Care should be taken to protect all metal fittings. Moisture and high salt environment will cause oxidation. How to save leather bags

7. When the leather bag is not in use, it is best to keep it in cotton cloth instead of putting it in a plastic bag, because the air in the plastic bag does not circulate, which will cause the leather to be too dry and damaged. It is best to stuff some soft toilet paper in the bag to keep the shape of the bag. If there is no suitable cloth bag, the old pillowcase is also very suitable.

8. Bags and shoes are another type of active substance. Using the same bag every day can easily cause fatigue of the elasticity of the cortex, so you should use it several times like shoes; if the bag is accidentally wet You can use a dry towel to absorb the water first, and then stuff some newspapers, magazines and the like in the shade. Do not expose it directly to the sun, it will make your beloved bag fade and deform.

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