Saturday, June 27, 2020

Tips for car maintenance in winter

The cold air in recent days has not only brought dampness and coldness, but also the trouble of fogging the front windshield. With this old problem that seriously affects driving safety, this newspaper will share with you some tips for defogging cars.

       Wipe with a dry cloth or towel: The most original way is to wipe the glass directly with a dry cloth. This scene must have been seen by many passengers: the old drivers often kept a towel and wiped the glass while stopping at the traffic lights. Although there are many people who use this method to remove the fog, it is relatively laborious. After wiping, there will be traces on the glass, and it will soon fog up. And rubbing while driving is also prone to accidents.

       Turn on the air conditioning hot air blowing: The netizen contribution method is to use the air conditioning hot air to defog. In fact, car air conditioners have the same hot air function as home air conditioners. The method is to start the air conditioning first, adjust the temperature to warm air, and use the air conditioning hot air to dry the fog in the car. In this way, not only the front windshield, but also the surrounding windows are clear and translucent.

       Dishwashing liquid with dry cloth: Many people mentioned the method of wiping the glass with dry cloth. Choose a sunny day, mix the detergent with water (1:6), and evenly apply the sponge to the glass in the car. After it is dry, wipe it with a car towel to leave no traces. Under normal circumstances, update once every two to three weeks to maintain the effect.

       There are gaps in the windows to allow air to convect: if the fog is not heavy, we can open a gap between the windows on both sides (this can't be done when it's raining), so that the air in the car convects and the temperature inside the car slowly Near the outside temperature, the mist will dissipate. The advantage is that it can achieve the effect of opening the air conditioner without increasing fuel consumption, but this method is not available in all cases, such as cold winter and rain.

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