Thursday, June 25, 2020

Three types of cold medicines are clearly divided

Colds can be sick in all seasons, mostly in winter and spring. It is affected by wind and cold in winter, wind and heat in spring, and cold and heat in summer. The mild cases are called tetanus, and the severe ones are caused by influenza virus invading the respiratory tract and can cause viral influenza.

It is necessary to distinguish between the "cold cold" or "fengre cold" caused by external evils, so that the right medicine can be used. People have medicines in their homes or buy medicines at will. They will not choose and sometimes delay their condition.

The manifestations of colds and colds are heavy body chills, mild fever, headache without sweating, pain in limbs, heavy nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, phlegm and thirst, not thirsty, and white tongue. Treatment should choose Xin Wen class drugs to solve the table, Xuanfei Sanhan. Chinese patent medicine can choose cold granules, Tongxuanli lung, Xiaochaihu tablets and so on. There are two ways to refer to family autonomy. First, when a cold starts, you can take aspirin once, drink a large cup of hot water, then soak your hair with hot water, use a hair dryer to blow to the bregma for five to ten minutes, you have a slight sweat, clear The snot stopped immediately. The second is to use a piece of fresh ginger chopped and one or two large scallions, add 500 ml of boiling water, drink while hot, sweating a little, and recover from illness.

Symptoms of wind-heat cold: severe fever, slight chills, swollen headache, runny nose or yellow nose, sore throat, cough, thick phlegm, thirst, yellow or thin white tongue. Treatment should be timely, and patients who can see a doctor should take decoction and antibiotics as well. Family self-treatment needs to choose Xinliang Jiepi medicine, such as Sangju cold tablets, Yinqiao Jiedu pills, Banlangen granules, etc.

Influenza is a virus that is highly contagious and has severe symptoms. Most of them have high fever, headache, body pain, thirst, sweat, and sometimes conjunctival congestion. You should see a doctor in time and use 2 to 3 doses of prescriptions for clearing away heat and detoxification and clearing away heat to reduce body temperature and control the development of the disease. The patient should drink plenty of water at this time and get enough rest.

Colds are focused on prevention. A cold can easily cause sinusitis. Upper respiratory tract infections can develop into bronchitis, pneumonia, viral myocarditis; suppurative tonsillitis can cause glomerulonephritis, otitis media; gastrointestinal colds can be more than diarrhea, so it is important to prevent and early treatment.

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