Thursday, June 25, 2020

Three reasons to make your teeth yellow

1. Too many bacteria on the tooth surface

People who do not pay attention to oral hygiene for a long time, if they do not brush their teeth often or do not clean their teeth, it will cause a lot of bacteria to adhere to our teeth. Excessive bacterial accumulation will lead to the formation of dental plaque, which will naturally cause the teeth to become yellower and yellower, and even cause a series of problems such as tooth decay.

2. Drug factors

Taking certain medicines regularly can also cause teeth to turn yellow. The more common medicine is tetracycline. Long-term consumption of this type of medicine will cause some substances in the medicine to deposit in the dentin, which will cause the teeth to become yellow, brown or even dark gray. This phenomenon is more commonly known as tetracycline teeth in clinical practice. .

3. Lack of calcium

Teeth are an important part of the bones in our body, and it also needs enough calcium to supplement it. When the calcium in the body is insufficient, the hardness of the teeth and the ability to resist food erosion will be greatly reduced, which will cause the teeth to absorb the food on the food. In this case, it is easy to cause pigmentation, resulting in yellow teeth.

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