Friday, June 26, 2020

Three kinds of brewing method

1. Clamshell brewing method

Open the cover of the green mandarin tea filling, then put the whole green mandarin orange and the cover directly into the cup or pot, add boiling water to brew, and wait for the material in the orange peel and Pu'er to slowly dissolve, the soup color appears It can be deep golden yellow.

Wash the tea for the first time after boiling the water, run the tea for the second time, and start to soak the tea every 5 seconds after the third time. After that, you can gradually increase the soaking time to ensure the taste and taste of the tea soup.

It is recommended that after the fifth round of brewing, you can use pots, silver pots, stainless steel pots, glass pots, etc. to make tea directly, the taste is more mellow and the fruit is more intense.

Advantages: Good foam resistance, the taste of the peel is well integrated with Pu'er tea soup, and the brewing method is not demanding and easy to operate.

Disadvantages: The boiling water can only seep from the lid, and the dissolution effect of Pu'er tea is uneven.

Second, the broken skin brewing method

1. Unpack and take out the complete small oranges;

2. Carefully break up the small green mandarin, and put the orange peel and tea leaves into the cup or pot at the same time.

3. Add boiling water to brew, the first time to wash tea, and the second to moisten the tea, please make soup quickly before the first five bubbles, to avoid the tea soup is too rich, may be bitter, astringent.

4. After five bubbles, the time of soaking water can be gradually increased to ensure the taste and taste of the tea soup. Can brew about 13 bubbles.

Advantages: The amount of tea and peel can be flexibly adjusted according to your taste.

Disadvantages: The cortex is hard to break and can only be pricked with a tea needle before brewing.

In addition, due to the faster dissolution rate of Pu'er tea, the foam resistance is reduced, and the peeled substances are slower, the skin fragrance is lighter, and the taste balance is insufficient.

3. Drilling and brewing method

Prepare a Pu'er tea knife. Use the tea knife to drill nine holes around the green mandarin and the bottom of the mandarin. The hole size is suitable for leak-free tea. Then put it in the pot, boil the water, the tea is slowly leached, and the fragrance of the orange peel slowly merges. The taste is sweet and moderate, and it is foam-resistant. The orange peel with holes wraps Pu'er tea, which not only leaks out the broken tea, but also prevents the tea from dissolving too fast.

Advantages: good taste, moderate concentration aroma, long foam resistance.

Disadvantages: Pu'er tea knives need to be used to open the hole yourself, which is slightly complicated and the brewing speed is slightly slow.

Note: It is recommended to use a tapered tip for tea knives. It should be moderately controlled to prevent hand injury. Flat tea knives are prone to chipping of orange peel. Please pay attention to the degree and direction.

Small green tea brewing other points

Water temperature: Although the water temperature is too low, brewing small green mandarin is relatively sweet, but it will inevitably have a watery smell, which will affect the comfort of the drink. Therefore, it is recommended to brew with boiling water.

Water quality: No matter what tea is brewed, we must pay attention to the quality of water used. Mountain spring water is used without conditions, and pure water is also possible. To avoid the water quality is too hard to prevent the precipitation of tea content.

Utensils: The heat preservation and airtightness of the bowl is relatively low, so it can be bubbled properly when brewing; and the high temperature and high airtightness of the clay teapot, please be careful not to make the tea soup too thick for too long.

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