Friday, June 26, 2020

Three common methods of brewing green tea

We all know that green tea brewing has an upper casting method, a middle casting method and a lower casting method. Common green teas include Biluochun, West Lake Longjing, Duyun Maojian, Quezi, Lu'an melon tablets, Ziyang Maojian, Hanzhong Xianhao, etc. What is the most suitable way?

1. Investment Method

It mainly brews delicate green tea, single bud, one bud, one leaf or vellus rich tea leaves. The body of the tea is heavy, such as Dongting Biluochun, Duyun Maojian and so on.

Method: After putting in the right amount of warm water, put in 3-5 grams of green tea leaves. Wait for the green tea leaves to sink. Green tea leaves gradually stretch in the cup, sinking up and down, and the soup is green in color. Appreciate the process of green tea leaves floating and stretching. After the green tea leaves sink completely, you can drink.

2. CIC Law

It mainly brews green tea that is delicate and high in fragrance, or tea leaves in a natural state such as Ziyang Maojian, Hanzhong Xianhao, and Tongxi.


(1) Prepare a transparent glass (the size of the cup is about 200ml in this example), first put in about one-third of the warm water, put 3-5 grams of green tea leaves, wait for the green tea leaves to slowly stretch.

(2) After the green tea leaves are stretched, fill with boiling water.

(3) After the green tea leaves are completely sunk, you can drink them.

3. Downcast method

It mainly brews thick or flat tea leaves, such as Taiping Monkey Kui and Longjing tea.


(1) Put in an appropriate amount of tea. Add a little warm water.

(2) Pick up the brewed glass and slowly shake it to completely wet the tea leaves and allow the tea leaves to stretch naturally.

(3) After the tea leaves are slightly stretched, add nine points full of boiling water. Wait for the tea to dissolve the tea soup. The tea soup that dissolves the tea leaves is more evenly drinkable.

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