Tuesday, June 30, 2020

This week of the third trimester is very important, the pregnant mother will be more at ease to spend the family safely, don’t be silly

It is especially difficult for pregnant mothers to reach the third trimester. On the one hand, the body has become very bulky, and it is not convenient to do anything. Also, there will be more discomfort in the body during the third trimester. The pregnant mother will not sleep well, urinate frequently, There are also various worries. The closer you are to the expected date of delivery, the more worried you will be.

However, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the need to have a baby born safely. When the pregnant mother reaches 28 weeks of gestation, she should pay special attention to it. If the baby can spend the week safely, it can be said that there is basically no problem.

It is said that 28 weeks of pregnancy is a very important hurdle for the fetus. If there are problems with the fetus this week, the consequences will be very serious. What should the pregnant mother do this week to be able to spend it safely? Pregnant mothers must pay attention to these points.

On-time inspection

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant mother officially entered the third trimester. Those who are experienced know that various maternity examinations become very frequent during the third trimester.

At this time, the pregnant mother must not be careless. To know whether there is a problem with the fetus, sometimes the pregnant mother cannot feel it by herself. Only through the birth inspection can you find out the various discomforts of the fetus in time, so as to treat it as soon as possible.

Some pregnant mothers do not have a timely delivery check. When they find out that there is a problem with their baby, they will delay too much time and many things will be too late. Especially for some elderly pregnant mothers, pregnant mothers with pregnancy hypertension or obesity, it must not be careless after 28 weeks, and all kinds of obstetric examinations must be done in time.

Go to the hospital if you feel unwell

By the 28th week, the pregnant mother will start to count fetal movements. According to the doctor's fixed time every day, count the fetal movements as carefully as possible three times in the morning, middle and evening. Do not be lazy. If you find abnormal fetal movements, you must go to the hospital in time.

Some pregnant mothers will have some other discomforts, such as faint pain in the lower abdomen, tight belly or redness, etc. These abnormalities may be the discomfort of the fetus. All pregnant mothers need to do is to go to the hospital as soon as possible to rule out all kinds of discomforts that the baby may experience.

At the 28th week of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to one thing, that is, after this week, before the baby is born, they can no longer be in the same room, it is easy for the baby to be injured, and many pregnant mothers are unwell. It's a matter of concern.

It’s best to have a family with your pregnant mother

From the 28th week of pregnancy, it can be said that there will always be someone around the pregnant mother. On the one hand, it is because it is inconvenient for the pregnant mother's body to do many things and needs the family's help.

There is also the need to avoid the discomfort of the pregnant mother. When going to the hospital for medical treatment, there must be someone around to try to take into account all the risks that may occur in the third trimester, so that the pregnant mother and the baby can be healthier. .

When the pregnant mother is in the third trimester of pregnancy, her family must not be careless. In addition to ensuring that someone is with the pregnant mother, she should also make appropriate arrangements for the pregnant mother's diet and work and rest. Sooner or later, you have to choose a time, accompany the pregnant mother to go out for a walk, and exercise properly, these are very helpful for the smooth birth of the baby.

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