Tuesday, June 30, 2020

This time is the golden period of sleep

If you ask your parents now, what are the two characteristics you most want your child to have? I am afraid most parents will answer: smart and tall, the former is about intelligence, the latter is conducive to spouse selection. As we all know, there is fierce competition in modern society. This kind of competition is distributed in all aspects. Whether it is work or career, or the marriage and marriage market, there are hardware requirements for children, which is what parents want now: IQ and height.

If the child is clever and resourceful, he can easily win in the future. If the child's height is not lost, it will occupy a certain advantage in the marriage and love market. To achieve these two points, the importance of sleep is highlighted, and it is imperative to ensure the quality of children's sleep from an early age. And this time is the golden period of sleep. Parents grasp that the child will grow taller and smarter in the future.

This golden period of sleep is from 10pm to 7am for the simple reason.

First of all, going to bed early and getting up early regularly can help maintain good health. Parents know that after staying up late, they will feel unwell and even dizzy and dizzy. It is because the nervous system of the human body is not fully rested. The chaotic biological clock will cause damage to the body's immune system, and health will be affected in the long run. The same is true for young children.

It is not difficult to find that children who go to bed early and get up early tend to perform better. This is because children with high sleep quality tend to have better memory. The results of American studies show that early sleep and early rise help to restore energy and keep children energetic during the day. Learning state, the brain can relax in sleep, good health, intellectual development can reach the standard, naturally children are smarter.

I remember a piece of news on the Internet some time ago. A junior high school student fainted at school. After being sent to the hospital by 120, he was directly sent a critical illness notice, saying that there was bleeding in the blood vessels of the brain.

After the doctor's inquiry, the parents confessed their children's habits of staying up late until early in the morning, showing that the damage of the child's brain caused by late sleep. Therefore, if the child's brain development is not affected, it is necessary to fall asleep before ten o'clock in the evening to give the body a time to clean and recover from it.

Secondly, between ten o'clock in the evening and seven o'clock in the morning, the child has two peak periods of growth hormone secretion.

Everyone is familiar with growth hormone, which is an important element of children's physical development and bone growth. As long as you grasp the two peak periods of growth hormone secretion at night, your child will get twice the result in height.

The premise of this growth hormone secretion is that the child must be in deep sleep, otherwise the secretion of growth hormone will not reach the peak period. Therefore, children who do not have the advantage of congenital height, should pay attention to the golden period of sleep, so that they can be taller in the future.

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