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This is contraception! by! Spectrum! Don’t rush to have a second child

How long does it take to start contraception after giving birth?

Many mothers may say that there is no need at all, they will not get pregnant during lactation!

Poof, in random interviews, there must be a Ma Ma "winning" because of this idea.

Let me ask another question, what are the methods of postpartum contraception?

It’s not just condoms!

Haha, don't worry, the cake mom is here to give everyone the science.

To answer this question well, we must first figure out this "When will ovulation resume after birth?"

First of all, this is a question that cannot be specifically quantified by individuals. It is like "when will menstruation occur?". In medicine, only based on the average population, the individual difference will be very large.

But what is certain is that, depending on your feeding method, the time to resume ovulation and need to start contraception are also different. At present, according to existing clinical trials abroad, it is generally believed that:

◉ Complete breastfeeding, starting contraception in the third month after delivery;

◉ Mixed feeding or milk powder feeding, contraception started in the third week after delivery.

Ps: As mentioned above, this just means that the vast majority of people will not resume normal ovulation during this period, but it is not 100%. If you cannot accept the event with a very small probability, it will start the first time after delivery. Contraceptive work is done in life.

Breastfeeding does give a signal to the mother's body, which can stimulate the mother's body to produce corresponding hormone changes (mainly secreting a lot of prolactin), delay ovulation time, and play a certain degree of contraceptive effect.

but! Yes, there is one here-but this "contraception" method is very strict in operation, and must meet the following conditions at the same time, indispensable:

◉ First, the baby must be less than 6 months old;

◉Second, milk must be fed at least every 4 hours during the day and every 6 hours at night;

◉Finally, you can't use formula milk powder to supplement breast milk, you can't use a breast pump instead of personal feeding, and you can't add solid supplements to your baby.

As long as one of the conditions is not met, don't expect "feeding contraception."

Contraception in lactation also lies in the fact that all you can perceive if you are resuming ovulation is to see if your aunt has come or not, but in fact, the aunt is the product of ovulation. Even if your aunt is not here, your body may have begun to ovulate quietly, fertility has gradually recovered, and the uterus and ovaries are happily cheering "I am ready to regenerate one" (all of this is in your It happened unconsciously, of course, you may not be so happy).


Wear condoms correctly

Condoms are the easiest to be accepted by the public. In addition to contraception, it can also prevent the spread of AIDS and STDs, and it will not affect the secretion of milk. It can be used immediately after delivery. In a period of low sexual life during lactation, it can be regarded as a very cost-effective method of contraception.

But it should be noted that condoms must be positive! Indeed! wear! wore!

Although some dads have baby, they still don't know how to wear condoms correctly, which causes the condom to slip, break, and semen outflow, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of condoms. (The condom box usually has the correct way to wear it. If you are uneasy about your pig teammates, you can supervise it)


Know clearly and then "Sheung Wan"

In fact, the "Sheung Wan" is not the same thing as the previous "Sheung Wan".

For example, there is now a T-shaped birth control device that releases progesterone, which does not affect the hormone levels of the whole body, nor does it affect lactation and baby health. If the placement is correct, the efficiency is more than 99%. When you want the second baby, take it out and you can get pregnant immediately.

The same is true of the contraceptive sticks implanted under the skin, which also slowly release progesterone, and the principles are similar.

However, because of the need for regular review after Sheung Wan, many mothers simply can't do it; different doctors also have different attitudes towards this new type of "ringing". Therefore, if you decide to adopt this method, you must communicate with the doctor. Make a decision after understanding.


Treat short-acting contraceptives with caution

Among the current short-acting contraceptives, the most common is a compound preparation consisting of progesterone + estrogen.

Although for mothers who do not need breastfeeding, this contraceptive is very useful. But for lactating mothers, this medicine will affect the milk secretion, if the baby has not been weaned, it is still not recommended.

In addition, it will increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis, even if not breastfeeding, it is recommended to use it after 3 to 4 weeks postpartum.

In addition to the above two, there is also a short-acting contraceptive pill containing only progestin in foreign countries. The requirements for taking this pill are very strict. If you do not take it strictly according to the way of use, the effect will be greatly reduced.

We interviewed a gynecologist and got the following statement: At present, we have not heard of this contraceptive in China, and if taken orally, the amount of milk secreted after entering the blood is not necessarily small.

Since everyone likes Haitao shopping now, there is one more mouth for the cake mom: Don’t use so-called “popular drugs” without the doctor’s confirmation!

Finally, I have to mention an emergency contraceptive. Note that it is an emergency contraceptive, not a short-acting contraceptive-although it also contains only progestins, the dosage is completely different, no! build! Discuss! eat! Be sure to read clearly when buying!

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