Monday, June 29, 2020

Things you should know before giving birth

From pregnancy to childbirth, women have to go through the process of gestating their babies for up to ten months. Because of the long time, women will also bear the physical and psychological pressure. When the time comes to give birth, if the expectant mother is completely unprepared, she will inevitably suffer losses and suffer. These things that the expectant mother should know before giving birth, you must pay more attention to yourself, and don't expect others to help you.

One or two weeks before childbirth, the pregnant mother will feel relaxed in her upper abdomen and her lower abdomen will ache

When the day of childbirth is getting closer and closer, especially one or two weeks before childbirth, the expectant mother will feel a small change in her body. For example, the upper abdomen suddenly became relaxed, the food intake increased slightly, and even breathing was obviously smooth. The lower abdomen began to feel uncomfortable. For example, the lower abdomen had obvious pain and swelling, and the frequency of going to the toilet also increased. This is because the baby's head begins to fall and it slowly enters the pelvis, and the bottom of the uterus also begins to fall. The pelvis and bladder of the corresponding pregnant mother will be oppressed. Therefore, the body will have these changes. These changes are reminding the expectant mother that the day of childbirth is over, and be prepared to welcome the baby. If the expectant mother does not care, it may affect her mood when she is about to give birth, and she will become helpless when she gives birth.

It is best to carry a piece of chocolate before delivery, which can provide energy during delivery

Before giving birth, women will have severe contractions. At this time, physical exertion is relatively severe, but there is no mood to eat or appetite. Therefore, experienced people will remind expectant mothers to prepare some high-energy, easy-to-carry foods such as chocolate before entering the hospital. Chocolate can bring fullness in a short time, the most important thing is that it can release a lot of heat. Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers should prepare chocolates or other foods with high calories and easy to carry before delivery, which can help expectant mothers to give birth to babies smoothly. If you don't care, these small details may be forgotten by your family and affect production.

Do your family's work well before giving birth, use it if you have no pain

The process of production is very tormenting, and women will suffer great pain. Fortunately, many hospitals now provide expectant mothers with conditions for painless delivery. Although, there is no guarantee that the production process is completely painless. However, it can also considerably reduce the duration of maternal and child pain. So it is best to be less guilty. However, many elders or stereotypes now feel that hitting the fetus without pain will also bring sequelae to the mother. Therefore, they ideologically contradict women's painlessness during labor. Even if women die from pain in the delivery room, they strongly disagree with the painlessness. Women want to do their family work well before giving birth, and use it if there is no pain. If you don’t care, it’s really possible to suffer more when you have a baby.

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