Monday, June 29, 2020

These types of mothers have short labor time and less suffering

The baby who had just given birth shortly before, went to visit her a few days ago and talked to her about what was happening in the delivery room during the birth. After a while, the girlfriends began to sigh, saying that when she entered the delivery room, she was the only one of them, and it took a long time for other women to come in. The problem is that all of the subsequent maternal births are finished, and only she waits until 4 or 5 in the morning to give birth to the baby.

The girlfriends said that when they watched other women giving birth, they had a short birth process and suffered less. They looked aside and saw how envious they were. In fact, this is really the case. There are several types of women who will give birth very quickly. Others can only watch and envy them.

Maternity who knows the "technique" of birth and will not come back to the doctor

This kind of maternity can be said to be very wise. After they know that after entering the delivery room, they want to have a short birth process and less suffering, they must listen to the doctor everything, and they cannot go against the doctor. After all, doctors are professionals, they have experienced a lot, have seen all kinds of situations, and have more experience.

When you listen to the doctor during birth, the doctor will also give the maternal some useful suggestions. These suggestions are actually "techniques" of production. Having mastered some practical production techniques, you will be less susceptible to production. And those who do not listen to the doctor, even if the doctor says that she has to question three sentences, they can only worry on the side.

Maternal who knows how to save energy during pain

Some maternal women begin to yell as soon as they enter the delivery room, and all kinds of troubles, but I don’t know that everyone’s physical strength is limited. Whether you shout or not, the pain is actually the same. But when it comes to the delivery bed, the physical requirements are very high. If you really don’t have the strength when you really need to contribute at this time, it’s bad.

Those who know how to preserve their physical strength and work hard at critical times will also suffer less when they give birth. This is easy to understand, and those women who have been screaming regardless of the occasion, have long labors at birth, and it is inevitable that they will suffer more.

"Pretty" maternal during pregnancy

There is also a type of maternal who can suffer less when they are giving birth, that is, a "decent" maternal during pregnancy. Similarly, in the third trimester, you will be very careful in your diet, you will not eat blindly, and make up too much, causing the fetus to be too large, so that it is difficult to give birth during birth or other dangers occur; you also know how to exercise moderately during pregnancy, and you will not be pregnant every day. In bed, let your family do everything for you, if you can't move, you can't move, you can't stand, you can't stand, if this is the case, the pregnant mother lacks exercise during pregnancy, and her own strength is not enough, then you will be more guilty when giving birth of. Therefore, it is said that "precise" during pregnancy, rather than the oblivious maternal, they can also suffer less when giving birth.

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