Tuesday, June 30, 2020

These two places on a woman's body affect the comfort during the entire pregnancy

It is now advocating scientific gestation. Before preparing for a child, both spouses must prepare physically to ensure a good physical condition. The woman should take folic acid in advance, and the man should quit smoking and drinking.

Because I didn't prepare in advance when I was pregnant, some minor problems in my body became serious during pregnancy, which made me suffer a lot.

In fact, before preparing for pregnancy, in addition to eating folic acid, it is best to solve some small problems that the body already has, so that you can suffer less during pregnancy.

I have a problem with my teeth and I can't sleep all night

We do not pay as much attention to teeth as some Western countries. Although the teeth are unremarkable, you can feel the importance of the pain. Most of us have more or less oral problems, and we don’t usually care, and these will be magnified during pregnancy. Under the action of progesterone, pregnant women are more prone to bleeding gums, swelling and pain, and those with wisdom teeth are also prone to inflammation.

If you are not pregnant, you have dental problems, you can go to dental treatment, but in this special period of pregnancy, for the safety of the fetus, many treatments are not recommended. After all, X-rays of teeth belong to X radiation. Avoid them as much as possible. Anesthetics may enter the blood circulation with the mother. Tooth extraction stimulates the nerves of the teeth and may cause contractions.

Therefore, before preparing for pregnancy, it is best for the woman to have a dental examination to find and solve the problem as soon as possible, without having to endure the pain of toothache during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can use a soft-bristled toothbrush during pregnancy to reduce irritation to the gums, and pay attention to clean teeth after meals every day to maintain oral hygiene.

Hemorrhoids, embarrassing embarrassment

If a woman with poor bowel movements and constipation before pregnancy is pregnant, hemorrhoids are prone to form after pregnancy. Because the fetus is increasing and the uterus is squeezed, the blood flow rate of the perianal vein is slowed. With the addition of hormones, the gastrointestinal motility slows down, which can easily lead to the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Some mothers may feel embarrassed if they have hemorrhoids. They are embarrassed to tell their family members, but they will become more and more serious. In fact, getting hemorrhoids during pregnancy is a very common phenomenon, pregnant mothers should not have a psychological burden, just try to solve it.

Ways to relieve constipation

After pregnancy, you should pay attention to the light diet, do not eat foods that are easy to get angry, and eat more fruits and vegetables, cereals, figs, dragon fruit, and corn with more fiber. If you have trouble with bowel movements, you can ask your doctor to prescribe some lactulose to promote bowel movements. If there is severe hemorrhoids, do not apply hemorrhoid cream at random, wash with water after defecation, and pay attention to keep it clean.

Many small problems in our body may not be usually concerned, but pregnancy is a special period, the fetus gradually increases in the uterus, the burden on pregnant mothers is increased, and the role of hormones during pregnancy, these small problems may be Aggravated, affecting normal life.

Because of the careful use of medication during pregnancy, many treatments cannot be used. For the safety of the baby, pregnant mothers can only endure the pain caused by these problems in silence, or use conservative methods with limited effects. Before preparing for pregnancy, try to solve the problems that can be solved to make pregnancy easier and happier.

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