Tuesday, June 30, 2020

These things are too harmful to the baby during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must pay attention

It is not easy for a mother to conceive a baby. Some even go to many hospitals to conceive a baby. Therefore, the mother hopes that the baby in her stomach can be healthy and healthy. However, there are many places that the mother should pay attention to after pregnancy. The most terrible It is the mother who causes harm to the baby without knowing it, which makes many mothers regret it. After pregnancy, these minefield mothers must avoid.

1. Tobacco and alcohol

Some people may say that many things such as tobacco and alcohol are not usually touched by mothers, let alone during pregnancy. That's right, after all, there are a few women who smoke and drink, but who doesn't have a few smokers around? If you don't pay attention, second-hand smoke will harm your mother's health. We can look at the harm of tobacco and alcohol.

Needless to say, the harm of alcohol, even adults can be paralyzed, not to mention children, alcohol will enter the baby's body through the placenta, which will cause damage to the baby's nervous system. The harm of alcohol to the fetus is indirect, but cigarettes directly harm the baby. Nicotine in cigarettes will cause the placenta to contract, reduce the blood supply of the fetus, and have an inevitable impact on the baby.

2. Ionizing radiation

Once a mother is pregnant, radiation is the most mentioned topic. What mobile phone, computer, etc. will disappear from the life of the mother, and even the WIFI next door will not let go. In fact, family members are worried about it. The radiation generated by household appliances and communication tools will not cause harm to the baby. They produce electromagnetic radiation, and the real harm to the baby is ionizing radiation. Common in life are: security equipment, X-ray equipment, CT equipment, etc., among which the radiation of the security equipment is relatively small, and those that are really far away are those large medical equipment, which is more harmful to the baby.

Third, wrong medication

During pregnancy, it is generally not recommended to take medicine, but if you really encounter a disease, it is not hard to resist it. Mothers usually use medicine under the guidance of a lifetime. Generally, doctors will control the dosage and medication of pregnant women. These medicines will not enter the placenta and will not cause harm to the baby. The most feared thing is that my mother believes in some remedies and tonics, the ingredients are not clear, and the side effects are not known, which may cause harm to the fetus. Therefore, medication during pregnancy must be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

Four, high temperature

During pregnancy, the baby is more afraid of high temperature. If you think about hot springs and saunas, don't even think about it. Don't really implement it. Bathing, the temperature of the bathtub water should not be too high. Mom will be in hot water for a long time. The temperature of the uterus is increased, the normal development of the speaker is thin, and it may even cause miscarriage.

In order for the baby to grow up healthily, the mother needs to pay attention to her behavior during pregnancy and create a comfortable breeding environment for the baby.

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