Tuesday, June 30, 2020

These embarrassing and horrible things, those who advise you to have a baby will not say

After the couple gets married, they will inevitably be bred by the people around them. You are not asked if you are pregnant, that is, "late birth is worse than early birth", or you say "the relationship between husband and wife is more stable." But no matter how it is induced, no one will tell you in detail about the embarrassing things about giving birth to children, such as prenatal medical staff starting internal inspections and artificially breaking water.

Especially the following embarrassing and bad things, those who advise you to have a baby will not say it, but be clear.

I remember that when I gave birth to a baby, the prenatal doctors always emphasized "suspected huge children" and recommended a caesarean section. However, my mother-in-law, her husband's sister, sister-in-law, etc., persuaded me to give birth, saying that the doctor would be scary.

Therefore, I was forced to enter the production room with a "gamble" mentality. As a result, with all fingers open, the last trembling was left, but the fetus was too big to give birth, and I was neither crying nor giving birth, and nearly had a difficult birth. Finally, I turned around and suffered two guilts.

Therefore, if a woman gives birth to a child, she cannot bet if she cannot give birth. Abnormal conditions such as "huge children", "serious umbilical cord around the neck", "impaired fetal position", and "pre-vascularization" must be treated as the most critical situations, and you must not bet on the lives of yourself and the fetus.

At the beginning, my friend was afraid that it would be too painful to give birth to children, and delayed the birth of the baby. Later, when her mother-in-law gave birth, she said: "Why is it so painful for a woman to give birth to a child, just like relieving the stool? Then try to inhale and breathe out, and bear with me will pass." The wind was light, and my friend finally resolved his worries and decided to have a baby.

However, she didn't know how much pain she had during labor. When the contractions were frequent, she yelled in the waiting room and jumped out of bed. She really had no image at all. Even worse, she listened to her mother-in-law's words, without painless injections in advance, and finally her energy was polished by the pain.

Women are always easy to forget the pain, especially in the matter of motherhood. Therefore, don't believe too much for people who come. Before giving birth, if you are afraid of the pain, you must use a painless needle in advance.

This is not hypocrisy, but there is obviously a way to reduce labor pain. Why should we suffer more? Moreover, with painlessness and reduced pain, women can save more effort on struggle and go all out to have children.

Finally, having a baby and confinement, this is also a embarrassing thing for women. The embarrassment is that no matter whether it is a natural delivery or a caesarean section, the body has uncomfortable days. In addition, in the confinement, the elderly generally do not allow bathing and shampooing, and the maternal image will be very bad.

As for the bad things, that is who is to serve the confinement. Don’t try to have too many people, let alone mother-in-law and mother, because different identities, different considerations for mothers, it is easy to create conflicts. When the time comes, don't sit down in confinement, and hurt the two old people's peace.

What's even worse is that the baby is difficult to bring, the family is no longer reliable, the maternal confinement is not easy, and it is easy to get postpartum depression. Therefore, regarding confinement, be sure to arrange the candidates in advance, not to block yourself.

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