Tuesday, June 30, 2020

These daily habits of parents will affect the baby's sleep, and some will quickly change

Many parents are anxious about their baby's sleep problems, because many babies will be very noisy before going to bed, and sometimes they will not want to sleep until late, so that parents who come back from get off work every day are very tired. In fact, many babies have large and small sleep problems, but these sleep problems may also be caused by parents themselves. Especially Baoma, who has these bad habits, is no wonder that children do not sleep at night.

1. Introduce something disturbing before the baby goes to bed

Some parents are used to giving the baby some soothing songs before the baby sleeps, such as lullabies or the like, or putting a night light beside the baby to make the baby fall asleep early. However, this is not the case, these things with sound and light will attract the baby's attention, so that they are interested in these things and stay awake. Therefore, before the baby falls asleep, be sure to keep the room dark and quiet, try not to appear noise and entertainment electronic products.

2. Baby sleeping with milk in mouth

Drinking milk before going to bed can also allow babies to fall asleep earlier, but some mothers like to give their children milk to sleep, which is very risky. Because this habit will continue to make the baby dependent on milk sleep, it will be difficult to quit in the future, and if milk sleep is not paid attention to, the baby is likely to be choked by liquid, which is more dangerous, and this will also There is a possibility of causing tooth decay in the baby. Therefore, it is best not to let your baby sleep before going to bed.

3. Always hold or shake before falling asleep

Some parents will buy a crib for their baby, and then gently shake the crib to let the baby fall asleep, or hug and sleep. If you are in a state where your baby is relaxed, you can gently touch but not fall asleep. Because once the babies are used to the feeling of being shaken and held, it will be difficult for the baby to adapt after the parents don’t do it in the future. Therefore, in order to avoid the difficulty of sleeping in the future, it is best not to do this.

4. Let the baby get used to staying up late

Some parents will get off work late, but want to accompany their baby, so they will play with the baby for a while after get off work. When I want to sleep, I think I want to coax the child to go to bed, so that the babies gradually get used to staying up late. Staying up late is not only bad for adulthood, it is also harmful to babies, because staying up late will make the auxin secretion in the baby's body insufficient and affect the baby's development. Therefore, for the good development of the baby, parents must let the baby go to bed early.

I believe that most parents already know the factors that affect the baby's sleep, so for the healthy growth of the baby, the parents must correct these bad habits that affect the baby's sleep! Otherwise, the difficulty of falling asleep in the future will become your biggest worry.

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