Tuesday, June 30, 2020

These bad habits during pregnancy can easily cause turbid amniotic fluid

Pregnant women know that babies are surrounded by amniotic fluid before they are born. What is this amniotic fluid? It is a water-like liquid, which contains the embryo, which is our baby. It is composed of more than 90% of the water and some inorganic salts. Therefore, the quality of amniotic fluid also directly affects the health of the embryo and must cause pregnant mothers. Attention. Sometimes some bad habits of pregnant mothers during pregnancy will also cause the baby's "life water" amniotic fluid quality to deteriorate and become turbid, leading to birth defects in the fetus.

First, drinking too little water. Some people do not have the habit of drinking plenty of water when they go to work or school, so that this habit continues until pregnancy. However, the amniotic fluid in the womb needs water to circulate, and the amniotic fluid needs a lot of water to maintain it. If the pregnant woman drinks too little water every day, it may cause insufficient amniotic fluid in the womb, resulting in the baby's lack of oxygen or limited development. Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to add water.

Second, the diet is not balanced. This is also a common problem of many greedy mothers. Some pregnant women have a bad appetite during pregnancy, but some pregnant women want to eat anything during pregnancy, which leads to eating too much, there is no control over the amount, or often eat some spicy and greasy food or Junk snacks. The harmful substances in these foods are likely to be absorbed into the amniotic fluid by the uterus, and those chemical additives will cause damage to the baby's body.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should avoid spicy and greasy foods during pregnancy and eat more vegetables and fruits, so that the vitamins in vegetables and fruits can be absorbed by the baby, which can play a very good role in the development of the embryo. Partial eclipse or picky eating is not allowed, pregnant mothers have to spend more time thinking about nutritional collocation, nutrition can be reasonable to allow the baby to develop healthily. It is said that after birth, babies will also prefer foods that mothers eat during pregnancy. If you want to prevent babies from being picky after birth, then pregnant mothers should not be picky.

Third, pay no attention to personal hygiene. Pregnant mothers should pay special attention to personal hygiene during pregnancy, especially the hygiene of private parts. If they do not pay attention to personal hygiene, they may cause various gynecological inflammations during pregnancy, and they may also transmit bacteria to amniotic fluid through the uterus, harming the health of the fetus. Pregnant mothers should be cleaned regularly during pregnancy. Personal items such as clothes should be washed separately from the family’s clothes, not to use public washing machines. When necessary, pregnant mothers can also prepare some disposable underwear, so that they can be guaranteed without washing. Private hygiene.

Fourth, overwork and mental stress. Some pregnant mothers have to work overtime or do housework during pregnancy, but it is not so bad, but everything has a degree. If the pregnant mother is overworked, it will also increase the pressure on the abdomen, causing the quality of the amniotic fluid to drop or premature rupture Case.

Pregnant women's mental stress is also likely to cause the baby to have severe hypoxia in the uterus, making the baby feel oppressed. Although it is normal for pregnant women to have some anxiety during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should keep themselves in a good state of mind for their babies. Do not be anxious for too long. Sometimes listening to songs or taking a walk can play a relaxing role.

Help mother's heart: Pregnancy is a long journey. It is necessary for pregnant mothers to pay attention to it and develop good habits. Don’t let their bad habits threaten the baby’s health. If you have any problems, you should first seek medical advice.

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