Tuesday, June 30, 2020

These 5 bad parenting habits can hurt your baby, many mothers don’t know

1. Always kiss your baby's mouth

If there are bacteria in a large population, it will cause the baby to get sick. Friends say that although they love their babies, they can interact with them in other ways. Don't always kiss the baby's mouth, the baby's resistance is poor, bacteria can easily enter the baby's body through the mouth, causing the baby to get sick.

2. Use your mouth to test the temperature of milk powder

If you choose to use your mouth to try the right temperature when you are making milk powder, it is easy to leave the bacteria in your mouth on the bottle to make your baby infected. If some parents have oral diseases, the baby is prone to problems such as tooth decay. Parents can make a few drops of the washed milk powder on the back of the hand when preparing the milk powder, to feel that the temperature is not suitable, so that it will not burn the baby, nor will the baby be infected unnecessarily.

3. Don't pay attention to baby's hygiene

My friend used to pay less attention to hygiene to cause the baby to get sick frequently, so now my friend's family attaches great importance to the child's hygiene and makes the child develop good habits.

Fourth, rarely change clothes for the baby

Some people think that the clothes that the baby wears are not dirty, so they don't change the clothes frequently. Friends say this is wrong, and close-fitting clothes must be changed frequently because they have made this mistake before. The clothes you just bought cannot be worn immediately. Be sure to clean the baby and let the baby put it on after drying, because the newly bought clothes contain all kinds of unhygienic things. Mother should pay attention and don’t make mistakes again. Too.

Five, often let babies use diapers

The use of diapers for babies should be adequate. Some parents think that the amount of urine in diapers is still small, so they do not change them. This is wrong. If you let children wear diapers for a long time, it will hurt the baby's skin. The baby's skin is now particularly delicate. The friction generated during exercise is easy to hurt the baby's skin. So mother can let your baby use diapers at night and try not to use them during the day.

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