Thursday, June 25, 2020

There is a kind of tea, comparable to antibiotics, cold medicine, and hangover!

White tea is different from ordinary tea, in addition to its general tea effects, it also has many special effects. For example, anti-radiation, anti-oxidation, anti-tumor.

This is because white tea is a kind of micro-fermented tea. It is processed without drying or twisting, but only after sun drying or mild drying. Therefore, the content of polyphenols in white tea is much higher than that of other teas.

Tea polyphenols are the "nemesis of free radicals", which can avoid the damage to human cells caused by excessive free radicals produced by radiation; it can also regulate related enzymes, slow down the damage of immune cells, and improve hematopoietic function. The amount of tea polyphenols directly determines the ability to resist radiation and antioxidant.

Therefore, the anti-radiation, anti-oxidation and anti-tumor effects of white tea far exceed that of other teas.

White tea also has two more practical effects for us today.

The first is to drop three highs. Hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and high blood pressure are no longer rich diseases today, but have become common problems of modern people.

White tea contains the active enzymes necessary for the human body. Long-term drinking can significantly increase the activity of the body's fat-catabolizing enzymes, which can not only effectively reduce blood lipid levels, but also control insulin secretion, delay intestinal absorption of grape powder, and decompose Excess sugar in the blood of the body, thereby promoting the balance of blood sugar and achieving the effects of lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure and lowering blood fat.

Another practical effect of white tea is to hangover and protect the liver.

For thousands of years, people have known that tea can hangover. After the wine is light, a cup of herbal tea will be exchanged for not only instant refreshment, but also the ease of the next morning.

The reason why tea has the effect of lowering the three heights and hangover and protect the liver is because tea contains natural substances such as dihydromyricetin and other flavonoids. These substances can accelerate the decomposition of ethanol (alcohol) into harmless substances such as water, which can reduce alcohol. The residence time in the body reduces the load of the liver when it degrades alcohol, thereby reducing the damage to liver cells.

White tea contains the most natural flavonoids than other types of tea. Therefore, if the anti-alcoholic effect of other types of tea is still somewhat theoretical, white tea is almost an effective anti-alcoholic medicine.

When it comes to warm love, not everyone can brew the taste of love in white tea. Only those who know the skill of brewing white tea and who have an elegant pursuit of life can truly brew and taste this sweetness and warmth.

Laobai tea is a type of tea that belongs to Chen tea. It is a typical bubble-resistant tea and is most suitable for the current autumn and winter seasons.

The first and second old white tea can be brewed in a fair cup. But the real taste is in the third course. The third way is to transfer the tea leaves to the Tiliang pot to cook, in order to make the best tea soup.

Compared with the ancients, we now have a lot more convenience in making tea.

First, remove the brewed tea and put it into a lifting pot (glass pot is best), then pour boiling water, turn on the power switch, and wait for the water to boil out.

The soup color is apricot yellow or orange, and it seems to be the color of the autumn sun. The taste is refreshing and natural. After the entrance, the teeth are washed like clear dew, and it is like the sun dancing on the tongue. It makes your mouth full of warmth and natural. The taste makes people feel very comfortable.

Speaking of this, some friends will ask: What is white tea?

White tea is a specialty of Fujian, mainly including white peony, white silver needle and Gongmei.

The reason why white tea is called white tea is because it is "half-silver-white"-the tea people pick the delicate buds with white hairs on the back of the leaves, without killing or twisting, and only after drying in the sun or mild fire, the white The fluff is completely preserved in the appearance of the tea, making the tea leaves white. The production areas are mainly in Zhenghe, Fuding, Songxi, Jianyang and other places.

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