Thursday, June 25, 2020

There are solutions for ants at home

There are many people on the Internet who have solutions for ants in the search home. It is really not easy to make this simple. There are ant experiences in the family, basically every household has it, especially for families with small children, because children who eat sweets, cookies and other desserts are easy to fall off residues, and these residues are easy to attract ants, so this The problem is more than one or two people care about, so what if there are ants at home? What is the solution?

Analyze the causes of ants

First of all, we need to understand what is causing the ants. As mentioned earlier, biscuits and sugar left over by children can easily attract ants, so to eliminate ants, the first thing we need to do is clean. Thoroughly clean the place where there are various kinds of cookie residues and sugar residues left in the home, and then teach the children not to drop the residues when eating, so that it can be fundamentally eliminated.

Moreover, if you just clean it, but don’t let your child know that you don’t want to eat it, then you will be more tired in the future, because children always like to eat, you can’t always have time to follow, go Cleaning can only be done if you start with the child and let the child pay attention when eating.

There are several solutions to the ants that appear at home:

1. Spray pesticides, there are special ants to cure ants, you can buy it to try,

2. Soak the shredded tobacco in the water for two or three days. Spray the water soaked in the shredded tobacco on the ant-infested place. The ants will avoid it when they smell the smoke. For a few days, the ants will naturally move away.

3. Put white vinegar on the ants and the entrance to the house. The pheromones secreted by ants are very similar to white vinegar, so if you put white vinegar on it, the ants will think that there are already ants occupying the site here and they will go to other places.

In addition to these three methods, to solve the problem of what to do if there are ants at home, you can also put pepper or scorch the waste car tires and smoke them with their smell. These two methods also have the effect of driving ants and mice. These are some life experiences. If there are elderly people near you, you can ask them. Their years of life experience will tell you more ways to solve the problem of ants at home.

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