Tuesday, June 30, 2020

There are no fetal buds and fetal heart, but do you still need to stick to the symptoms of early pregnancy? Hear what the doctor said

During this time, my friend was very worried. The reason was that she was pregnant with a second child at an advanced age, but now 58 days later, she still can't check the fetal heart.

She started the examination in a small clinic. The doctor advised her to give up, but she couldn't bear it. Coupled with the obvious symptoms of her early pregnancy, she felt that she should give her fetus more time to grow. However, she was really tired because she was worried about the mid-term hopes every day.

So, like my friend, there is no fetal bud and fetal heart rate, but the symptoms of early pregnancy are obvious, do you still need to persist? With this question in mind, we specifically went to the provincial and regional hospitals for consultation, and came to hear what the doctor said.

When fetal bud and fetal heart appear, it is related to the menstrual cycle

The doctor told us that the clinic doctor's advice was correct. There were no fetal buds and fetal heart for 58 days, indicating that there were indeed abnormalities. Generally speaking, fetal sac will be formed in about 30-40 days of pregnancy, fetal bud will be formed in about 40-50 days of pregnancy, and fetal heart will appear in about 50-60 days of pregnancy. Therefore, according to the conventional embryonic development, my friend does not have fetal buds and fetal heart for 58 days.

However, it is not necessarily fetal abortion or miscarriage, because if there are early pregnancy symptoms such as chest swelling, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue, it may be a problem of late embryo development. The doctor said that the appearance of fetal buds and fetal heart, according to the individual differences of pregnant women, there are morning and evening, which is also related to the menstrual cycle.

Like some pregnant women's menstrual pattern is 28 days a menstrual cycle, then fetal buds and fetal heart develop according to normal, it appears earlier. And some pregnant women have 35 days, and even the menstrual cycle disorder is only 45 days before a menstruation. Then the pregnancy time is uncertain, and the time when the fetal bud and fetal heart appear cannot be calculated according to the general pregnancy time.

Therefore, in this case, the fetal bud and fetal heart may appear later. Therefore, the doctor advised my friend to wait another week if there are no abnormalities.

At the latest 10 weeks, there is no fetal bud fetal heart, it is generally recommended to give up

The doctor gave us an example, saying that she had received a pregnant woman before, and she had not had fetal buds or fetal heart for nearly 60 days, but because of the difficulty of pregnancy, she wanted to insist and wait. Later, the pregnant woman was procrastinating to 67 days of pregnancy. B ultrasound once checked the fetal bud and fetal heart.

Therefore, the doctor said that based on her experience and the characteristics of embryonic development, if the symptoms of early pregnancy are obvious, at the latest 10 weeks, if there is no fetal bud and fetal heart, it is generally recommended to give up.

Indeed, the doctor's estimated time is conservative, fully considering the pregnant mother's mood. Because many doctors have said that generally there is no fetal bud fetal heart within 60 days of pregnancy, it is necessary to consider the possibility of fetal abortion. Therefore, pregnant mothers can give their babies more time depending on the situation.

Reference symptoms, also need to be alert to abortion

Of course, if there is really a problem with embryonic development, pregnant mothers do not need to insist, as soon as possible to perform abortion surgery, so as not to cause the fetus to stay in the abdomen for too long to cause harm to the body. The doctor said that you can refer to the symptoms and be alert to the situation of fetal abortion.

First, be wary of bleeding, which may be threatened abortion. Secondly, in the absence of abdominal pain and bleeding, you can do a B-ultrasound examination at 7 or 8 weeks of pregnancy to see how the gestational sac develops and whether it has become wrinkled and shrunk.

Then see if there are fetal buds and fetal heart, if it still does not after 10 weeks, then it means that the fetus is really stopped. Finally, you can also do a blood test HCG check to see if the value is in line with the normal reference value, whether there is a drop or too low, and then make a final judgment based on the B-ultrasound results.

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