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There are many precautions for washing underwear, which should be kept in mind

Underwear is the place closest to our body, so when cleaning underwear, you must keep it clean and wash it thoroughly. Incorrect underwear wearing methods and cleaning methods can cause women to develop breast diseases or various skin diseases. There are also many precautions when cleaning underwear.

Although underwear is not worn outside, even the clothes worn inside are very rich in order to satisfy the overall good looks. Therefore, every time I buy clothes, I always buy a few good-looking underwear for matching, but although it is very beginning when I buy good-looking underwear, it is really troublesome to clean it. Many people will fall into underwear to clean. Inside the misunderstanding.

Myth 1: Put it directly in the washing machine

Underwear is different from outerwear. Many people will take underwear and outerwear together and wash it in the washing machine. Although it is very convenient, it is not very clean because many bacteria remain in the washing machine. The underwear is the clothes we wear close to the body and should be washed separately. And the powerful force will also transform the underwear.

Myth 2: Use common laundry products to wash underwear

The stains on underwear are different from the clothes that are usually worn outside, and the general laundry products are designed for outerwear, so when cleaning underwear, the effect is not good and there is no good sterilization effect, not Very beneficial to health. When washing underwear, be sure to use special laundry products, such as special soap for underwear and so on.

Misunderstanding 3: frequent underwear cleaning

Many people think that underwear must be cleaned frequently, so that it will always be very clean, but in fact, excessive cleaning of underwear will make it quickly lose its elasticity, and if the underwear is not elastic, it will not provide sufficient protection and support for the chest. It is not conducive to the maintenance of the chest shape, and will cause a series of problems. Therefore, underwear should not be washed frequently. Generally, wearing it 3 times is no problem.

What should be paid attention to when cleaning underwear?

1. Double check

Every time you clean the underwear, you must check it carefully. If there is any off-line in some places, you must sew it in time. After the stitching is completed, make sure that the back hook is hooked and the shoulder strap is fastened to avoid the washing process. Hit the fabric. The washing time should not be too long, and it should be controlled at about three minutes, because prolonged washing will cause the underwear to stain or change color.

2. Clean frequently

The underwear is dirty, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. The longer it is left, the more bacteria it contains, and it will slowly penetrate into the fibrous tissue and become more and more difficult to clean. The position of the ring and zipper should be washed by hand as much as possible. Pay attention when washing by hand. If you apply too much force, it is easy to cause deformation, it is best to clean it by pressing or rubbing.

3. Do not stick the laundry detergent on the clothes

When washing powder and fluorescent bleach are used together, the color of underwear will become very uneven, and it is easy to change color or fade. The detergent must be dissolved in water before putting underwear into it. Bleaching agents can deteriorate the quality of the underwear or make it moldy. So don't use it, silk underwear is soft and shiny, but it is easy to wrinkle and shrink, and you should choose neutral washing. Try to wash your hands as much as possible, then use a towel to absorb the water.

4. Check the underwear zipper

If it is full-length clothes with a zipper, be sure to pull the zipper area when cleaning the clothes. The movable shoulder strap should be washed separately from the underwear. When washing in the washing machine, the light-colored underwear and the white underwear must be separated. When washing by hand, wash light-colored underwear first, then dark-colored underwear. First, you should wash the underwear that is not too dirty, and then deal with the dirtier underwear.

5. Washing net for washing machine

When washing underwear, at least two washing nets should be used separately in order to separate the metal-rich or elastic soft ring to avoid damaging your clothes. If the elastic ring is deformed, it must be carefully wiped back to its original shape by hand, and must not be forcibly changed back to its original shape. Most underwear is made of soft and delicate materials. When washing clothes, they must be placed in the laundry net according to the label inside.

Reminder: When cleaning underwear, you must pay attention to the correct method to avoid underwear deformation. Underwear should be changed every six months, because wearing underwear for a long time will cause the underwear to deform or affect the health of the chest, leading to more serious chest diseases.

Machine wash method of underwear

1. Fold the underwear and put it in the underwear care bag.

2. The washing machine is adjusted to soft mode.

3. Put in laundry detergent, a small amount of softener (not disinfectant).

4. Wash and spin dry to dry, clip the underwear as described above, pay attention to the clip, because there is still a part of water on the underwear, if it is clipped, it will cause the shoulder strap to bear too much weight, and it will deform over time. .

5. Underwear should be washed separately, and should not be washed together with outerwear and socks to avoid bacterial infection.

Underwear hand-washing method

1. Usually underwear should be washed by hand, and the temperature of its water should be below 40 degrees.

2. Washing can be washed with underwear-specific washing liquid or shower gel. Never use bleach or disinfectant.

3. Gently knead with your hands during washing. The parts with soft circles, rubber bones and beading can be gently brushed with a small soft brush. Try to finish washing in the shortest time possible. Pat dry with a dry towel or gently shake the water. Do not dehydrate to avoid deformation.

4. After the underwear is clear and clean, organize the underwear into shape, clip the underwear well, and be sure to turn the clip upside down, because there is still some water on the underwear, if the clip is on the clip, it will cause the shoulder strap to bear too much weight, and it will deform over time.

5. Dark clothes should be washed separately to avoid mixed dyeing.

6. Underwear can be soaked in light salt water for about 15 minutes, which can play the role of disinfection, sterilization, desensitization and color fixing.

Underwear maintenance

1. Do not store together with insect repellent during storage to avoid damage to the elasticity, yellowing, and deterioration of underwear.

2. After washing the bra, you need to arrange the cups to make them smooth and smooth, and then dry them in a ventilated and dry place.

3. The damp place or long-term storage will also deform the bra, turn yellow, lose its elasticity, and shorten its life span.

4. When storing, gently fold it and store it separately in the underwear finishing cabinet.

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