Tuesday, June 23, 2020

There are many illusions of cervical disease

The cervical spine is occupied by the nerve center that enters and exits the brain, and the sensations of all parts of the body are uploaded from here to the headquarters-the brain. Due to the large amount of exercise and the special location, middle-aged people will enter a troubled autumn. However, some patients are often misdiagnosed as eye diseases, esophageal cancer, cardiovascular disease, hysteria, etc. after a long time. The following symptoms are easily misdiagnosed:

1. Difficulty swallowing

According to a foreign medical journal, a 65-year-old man began to feel itchy throat and foreign body sensation, and later found it difficult to swallow, intermittent seizures, mild to severe, most obvious when turning his head to the left, accompanied by feel sick and vomit. The patient had been seen in the Gastroenterology Department and was suspected of having esophageal cancer, but the gastroscopy was normal. Later, CT tomography showed that the hyperplasia of the anterior margin of the cervical spine compressed the esophagus. According to clinical statistics in recent years, about 1.6% of cervical spondylosis patients have this performance.

2. Hypertension

Cervical spondylosis can cause blood pressure to increase or decrease, but the former is more common and is called cervical hypertension. This is related to bone stimulation of sympathetic nerves. Patients often have typical symptoms such as neck pain, tightness, and upper limb numbness.

3. Breast pain

It is caused by hyperplastic bone compressing the nerve roots of the 6th and 7th cervical vertebrae. I began to feel pain in one side of the breast or pectoralis major muscle, intermittent hidden pain or paroxysmal tingling, most obvious when turning the head to one side, sometimes the pain was unbearable. If this pain occurs on the left side, it is easily misdiagnosed as angina pectoris, and on the right side is easily misdiagnosed as pleurisy.

4. Lower limb paralysis or defecation disorder

The lateral vertebral bundle of the spinal cord is stimulated. The patient's upper limbs were numb, painless, and limp, and most of the neck symptoms were easily covered up. Some are accompanied by frequent urination, urgency, urination, or incontinence.

5. Visual impairment

Cervical spondylosis can also be manifested by decreased vision, intermittent blurred vision, pain in one or both eyes, fear of light, tearing, and narrowing of the visual field. In severe cases, it can be blind. This visual impairment is related to autonomic dysfunction caused by cervical spondylosis or cerebral ischemia in the visual center. According to statistics, 0.67% of cervical spine patients have ocular manifestations, but most of them are accompanied by other symptoms of cervical spondylosis.

6. Sudden fall

The hyperplastic bone is caused by the compression of the vertebral artery, which is easy to be misdiagnosed as cerebral arteriosclerosis or cerebellar disease. Often the body loses its support and suddenly collapses when it suddenly turns its head during walking. After falling down, it wakes up and stands up due to the change of neck position. It is not accompanied by coma, but is often accompanied by severe dizziness or headache, nausea, vomiting, sweating and other symptoms.

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