Tuesday, June 23, 2020

There are 9 conditions in the body that cannot be ignored

Health is a homework that people should do all their lives. Please be alert for the following 9 symptoms.

Low back pain

This may be cystitis or appendicitis. You should go to the hospital for blood test and urine test. If necessary, you can do cystoscopy or gynecological examination. Drink plenty of water at this time and avoid spicy and spicy foods. , Anti-inflammatory treatment and physical therapy. If you take a bath with pumpkin oil or sandalwood oil, the effect will be very good.


Weeping because of a little trivial matter, maybe not consistent with your character. This requires examination of the thyroid gland, the central nervous system is most sensitive to thyroid hormone disorders. Initial symptoms: easy to be agitated, grumpy, crying, insomnia, and with a good appetite, but gradually lose weight, menstrual disorders.


People who are dizzy often should check their blood pressure. People of any age may suffer from hypotension, and women usually appear at 35-40 years of age. To adjust the diet, choose some sports that are beneficial to yourself, such as swimming.

Dark circles

In the morning, the eyes are slightly swollen and dark circles appear, which is probably the result of long-term fatigue. If edema occurs frequently, it is necessary to check the kidney. According to statistics, the probability of women suffering from kidney stones is 1.5 times that of men.

Swollen legs

At night the leg is swollen and becomes unconscious, which is a symptom of chronic venous failure. Need to eat more raw vegetables, they contain fiber that can strengthen the vein wall. You can do leg exercises several times a day.


Frequent cramps in hands and feet may be due to calcium deficiency and vitamin D. They determine the hardness of bones and the contraction of muscles. Eat more dairy products, liver, seafood.


Sweating more than usual may be an autonomic disorder. If ordinary sedatives do not work, you should see a doctor.


Weight changes, frequent thirst, and want to go to the toilet, these symptoms are a bit like diabetes, it is necessary to have a blood sugar test. If the test results are normal, eat less sweet and greasy food.

Hair loss

Women are more likely than men to suffer from scattered hair loss (hair loss from all parts of the head). The reason for the large amount of hair loss may be due to psychological stress, an uncured infection, or an incorrect diet. It may also be caused by certain diseases or congenital diseases. Excessive secretion of sebaceous glands or changes in the secretory nature of sebaceous glands can cause hair loss.

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