Sunday, June 28, 2020

The wiper should clean the bumpy road frequently, do not open the skylight

Many car owners have bad driving habits, how can they drive the car better, and what should they pay attention to in the process of using the car? This column will provide some tips for car owners for reference.

Tire maintenance is necessary

The Lantern Festival has passed, and many car owners have returned to this time. Are car owners' "shoes" "healthy"? Tires are the only parts of the vehicle that contact the ground. The tire pressure and wear conditions should be checked first during maintenance. No looseness or shedding, remove sharp debris such as inserts and nails between the twins or on the tread. If the car deflects or swings when driving, you need to do four-wheel positioning or dynamic balancing again.

Wipers should be cleaned frequently

The wiper blade is very important in our daily car. Therefore, after washing the car, the water on the wiper blade and the glass should be cleaned in time, and the wiper blade should be carefully checked. If cracks or damage are found, they should be replaced in time.

Do not open skylights on bumpy roads

It is best not to slide the sunroof completely on bumpy roads, otherwise the related components may be deformed due to the excessive vibration between the sunroof and the slide rail. Secondly, the partition should be opened before opening the sunroof to prevent the sunroof motor from being overloaded and causing failure.

In addition, car owners who often open the sunroof clean the sunroof track every month to avoid accumulation of foreign objects such as sand particles in the track.

Wax polishing car paint prevents erosion marks

Car paint erosion marks are different from water marks, it appears as a piece of water droplets instead of a circle. Bird and insect relics, leaves, and tar pitch are all likely to cause erosion. These substances will chemically react with car paint and begin to penetrate.

Generally, paint lacquer can only be used to get rid of the erosion of car paint. Only very slight can be solved by grinding and polishing. Commonly used advanced wax polishing car paint helps prevent the appearance of etch marks

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