Monday, June 29, 2020

The wind and sand are invincible in spring

Everything recovers in spring, followed by wind and sand. Sand and dust weather not only affect people's normal travel, but also have a big impact on car. In addition to the surface of the car body, the interior of the vehicle is also susceptible to the invasion of sand and dirt. It is extremely difficult to deal with fine sand and dust. Only if the maintenance is carefully cleaned can the impact of sand and dust on the vehicle be minimized.

Do a good body seal

Sandy weather leads to a lot of sand. To cope with such weather, it is best for the owner to carefully check whether the sealing tape of the window has aging, degumming, or cracking, and replace the aging sealing strip if necessary to enhance the sealing inside the car. To prevent wind and sand from entering. This treatment can not only deal with sand and dust weather, but also help strengthen the effect of turning on the air conditioner when the weather gets hot. The owner should be reminded that the air conditioning external circulation mode should be used as little as possible to avoid a large amount of sand and dust entering the car.

Protect car paint to do glaze

After the dusty weather, the owner should wax the car more. It is best to glaze the paint surface of the new car, which can increase the strength of the car paint and prevent the wind and sand from causing small scratches on the body.

Clean the air filter

In dusty weather, there will be many times more dust in the air than usual, and a lot of dust will also adhere to the air filter element of the car, so when the dusty weather passes, everyone should take out the air filter and clean it thoroughly Dust, so as not to affect the engine air intake, which is very helpful to reduce fuel consumption. The function of the air filter is to filter the air sucked into the engine, prevent foreign objects from being sucked into the engine and increase wear, and extend the service life of the engine. If there is too much dust on the air filter, it will affect the working condition of the engine.

Clean the details in the car

Regardless of how to guard against it, there will still be more dust in the car than usual. When the owner cleans the interior, use a special soft cloth and detergent. Don't worry about it. Wipe the interior of the car with a rag that wipes the body. Plastic and leather materials are more delicate than the car body. After the windy day, the most important thing to note when cleaning is the scratches that may be caused by sand and dust. In addition, we need to remind everyone that we must pay special attention to the cleanup of some subtleties. In dusty weather, fine dust and sand particles will hide under the wiper blades. If the owner uses the wiper to remove the dust on the window, the small sand particles will scratch the car glass. Therefore, after experiencing sand and dust weather, the car is mainly careful to clean up these sand particles that may be hidden in the wipers.

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