Thursday, June 25, 2020

The water for making tea also has a shelf life, so use it with care

As the saying goes: good water makes good tea. To make a pot of good tea is inseparable from a pot of good water, showing how important the water is for making tea. Many people don't know about the boiling water used for making tea, but they actually have a shelf life. The boiling water beyond the shelf life is used to make tea, which will not only affect the taste of the tea, but also affect the health.

The longest life of a glass of water is 16 hours

The shelf life of boiled water in the air is only 16 hours; the E. coli group contained in the expired water is seriously exceeded! For healthy people, drinking water with excessive bacteria for a long time is a subtle effect on the body, and the time accumulates The longer it is, the more obvious its impact on health.

According to water quality experts, if you make an analogy, drinking stale water year after year is like eating food containing additives year after year. If you do not pay attention to the details of drinking water everyday, your body's health environment will continue to be damaged, and your physique may become worse.

Therefore, when you are tired and have weakened immunity, pay attention to food hygiene and also check whether your drinking water is right or not. Don't let your health be eaten up by a glass of water every day.

Water-boiling water for three minutes is the healthiest

Almost everyone believes that drinking water obtained from safe sources is free of health risks because it is very clean and will not deteriorate. But in fact, if you ignore the details of drinking water, even clean water may deteriorate, and quietly harm your health.

To understand how water deteriorates, we must first talk about its source. People usually drink two kinds of pure water in barrels and boiled water.

Qualified pure water is treated strictly in accordance with national standards for safe drinking water. As long as the transportation is done well, all indicators are up to standard. The boiled water in your own home is boiled, but few people know that you should continue to boil water for 3 minutes after boiling so that the chloride in the tap water can be removed. Turn off the fire after boiling for 3 minutes, because if the cooking time is too long, it will lead to increased nitrite in the water, which is not conducive to human health absorption.

Regardless of whether it is usually used to make tea or boiled water for drinking, if it is left in the air for too long, for health, it is recommended that everyone drink less.

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