Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The two inherited diseases in mothers are transmitted from males to females.

Hemophilia with high genetic probability

For hemophilia, many people may not be very clear, and it is easy to confuse it with leukemia, but the common point between the two is only the coagulation disorder. The symptom of hemophilia is that it cannot be injured, otherwise the wound will heal slowly and the blood flow may not stop. In addition, it will cause other problems.

This is a disease with a very high genetic probability. According to the situation of the mother, it is divided into 50% and 100%. The difference is that the mother is a hemophilia carrier or a hemophilia patient.

In other words, if the mother is a carrier of hemophilia, the son has a 50% chance of being healthy, but if the mother is a hemophilia patient, the chance of the son getting hemophilia is close to 100%, which can be said to be a crisis. Too.

The pregnant mother in my parents’ mouth is a hemophilia patient. Originally, the disease was transmitted from male to female, but her father was a hemophilia patient, and her mother was a hemophilia carrier. A rare female hemophiliac. Therefore, she decided to check the sex before giving birth to prevent the child from suffering like herself after birth.

Can't tell the color blindness and weak color of traffic lights

Color blindness and color weakness are caused by problems with the X chromosome, and it is the mother who provides the X chromosome for the boy. In the eyes of ordinary people, color blindness and color weakness are not serious diseases, at most it will bring some inconvenience to life.

But this is not the case. Current medical research shows that this genetic disease is transmitted from male to female, so if a son is born, he cannot engage in any occupation that requires vision and color, such as pilots, astronauts, and public security. The police, etc., so if the mother has color blindness or color weakness, it is better to have a daughter.

Of course, this is not more serious than hemophilia. If you really have a son, parents should pay attention to check it. If there is color blindness, color weakness, etc., remember to tell the child so that he will not choose the wrong dream in the future.

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