Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The severity of hypoglycemia

High blood sugar does not work, it will cause damage to the heart, kidneys, brain, peripheral blood vessels, etc. People who have no control over diabetes, have been treated as coronary heart disease in medicine, this kind of person has a much higher chance of angina or even myocardial infarction People with low blood sugar. However, lower blood sugar is even worse. Severe hypoglycemia can cause coma and be life-threatening. Many elderly people eventually die not because of high blood sugar, but because a low blood sugar failed to be rescued in time. Therefore, high blood sugar is pathogenic but low blood sugar can be fatal.

Diabetes suffers from endocrine disorders, insulin secretion loses normal rules, and the hormone coordination that controls blood sugar has problems. Medical Education Network When adjusting the amount of insulin. Statistics show that 1 out of 14 diabetic patients receiving insulin treatment have one or more severe hypoglycemic symptoms and require emergency medical assistance, while 1/3 of diabetic patients are sleeping There has been hypoglycemia, which is very dangerous.

Because hypoglycemia can directly harm the brain, the average person will feel uncomfortable when the blood glucose is lower than 2.9mmol/l, and the sugar friends who usually have higher blood sugar will feel uncomfortable when the blood sugar drops to 6 to 7mmol/l. For example, sweating, paleness, heart palpitations, hunger, or even limb tremor, severe cases can also cause coma, and failure to rescue in time can be fatal.

Many people with diabetes know that exercise is good for lowering blood sugar, and go out on an empty stomach for a long time every morning. Their dinner on the first day may have been eaten at six in the evening, and by the next morning they had been separated by about 12 hours, and because of taking hypoglycemic drugs, blood sugar had dropped very low, which was very dangerous at this time, possibly because of hypoglycemia Fainting, and even induce other diseases. Therefore, people with diabetes must bring sugar or chocolate with them when they go out, and eat them immediately when hypoglycemia occurs. Of course, it is best to arrange the meal time reasonably, and do not let the phenomenon of hypoglycemia occur frequently.

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