Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The same is the birth, why do some people live faster and slower? The doctor tells you the answer

The same is the birth, why is there a faster life and a slower life? Let the doctor tell you the answer.

Maternal psychological quality

My sister-in-law's classmates told her that smooth productivity can not succeed, whether it is fast or slow, which has a lot to do with the psychological quality of the mother. Just like my sister-in-law, her first child was also born in the hospital of her classmates. At that time, she was particularly afraid of giving birth, and she retreated from the beginning.

Moreover, she was encouraged by her classmates to go to the birth bed, and because of the contraction of the palace, she cried a few times to have a cesarean section. Finally, after a long toss, Dabao came out.

She, a doctor and classmate, said that those women who made up their minds to give birth and had the determination to succeed in giving birth and had similar conditions to her were almost born faster than her.

Therefore, the speed of delivery is really related to the psychological quality of the mother. It is recommended that Bao Ma, who wants to give birth sooner, make preparations in advance and build confidence in giving birth.

Fetus size and location

In addition, judging from the prerequisites for natural birth, the sister-in-law's doctor said: "The size and location of the fetus also have a certain effect on the speed of natural birth."

For example, if the fetus weighs five or six pounds, it is better to have a smooth delivery, and the birth process will be shorter accordingly. The fetus is relatively large, and even a "giant child" is not easy to have a birth. Not only is the birth process prolonged, it is even impossible to give birth at all, and then have to have a cesarean section.

In addition, the position of the fetus also has an impact on the speed of normal delivery. Some babies who enter the basin before delivery and immediately show their heads will have a faster birth. Other fetuses have poor pelvic conditions, but due to various reasons, they also have labor-related symptoms. They only enter the pelvis during labor, which will take time to be born, and may even cause dystocia.

Therefore, it is recommended that Bao Ma do a careful examination before giving birth. After the doctor estimates the fetus, consider whether to give birth and how to cooperate with the doctor to give birth.

Maternal pelvic conditions and productivity

My sister-in-law's doctor and classmate also said that the maternal pelvic conditions and productivity also affect the speed of labor. Generally speaking, if the pelvis is a little wider and shallower, but it is not too flat, it is easier to give birth. The pelvis is narrow and very long, and the fetus has a large resistance during delivery, which is not very good for delivery. The mother will be born relatively slowly, and may even have difficulty in delivery.

Talking about fertility, my sister-in-law’s doctor and classmate said: “The main thing is the contractility of the uterus. When we direct the mother to give birth, it is through this force that she can give birth as soon as possible.” She also said that Well, or if you don’t cooperate with the doctor, the time for cesarean delivery will be longer, and even cesarean delivery will fail.

Therefore, pregnant mothers who want to give birth sooner should pay attention to proper walking and exercise during pregnancy. If possible, they can also take the above prenatal training classes to exercise and improve productivity.

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