Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The mouth is long and the nose is big.

In my opinion, every newly born child looks the same. The facial features shrink together like an old man. The skin should have been soaking in the amniotic fluid for a long time, and it looks crumpled. When I first went to the hospital for a four-dimensional photo of the fetus, I realized that there was no ugliest, only uglier!

I am more worried now that my child will be ugly after birth. From the photo, the four-dimensional fetal mouth and nose are very large, and it feels that it can occupy two-thirds of the face. It looks like a carved statue. Who actually lowered the child's face value, or was the child's gene mutation?

I don't want to accept this terrible fact, is the child really crooked? I personally have nothing to do with this experience. Other pregnant women who have done color ultrasound around me also complain that the children in the 4D photos are too ugly. It wasn't until I listened to the explanation of a mother who gave birth to a child, and I waited until my child was born that I was completely relieved. The reason why the child under the four-dimensional photograph has a big mouth and a big nose is because of these three reasons.

First, because fetal fat affects the appearance

Everyone who has had a baby knows that there is a white, oily thing on the newly born child, and it is very uneven. This is the fetal fat that the child brings from the mother's womb, which can make the child play a protective layer in the amniotic fluid bubble, and also can prevent the newly born child from getting sick because of the inability to adapt to the low temperature environment. Because of this layer of fetal fat, the child's original facial features appear to be thickened, twice as large as the original. In fact, the child's real facial features are not like that.

Second, the angle problem

People who like to take pictures can always find the most suitable angle in front of the camera and make their faces thin and beautiful. You can also make yourself look more perfect in the photo through various factors such as makeup, light and so on. But no matter how good a person looks, it will be destroyed by a certain angle, but the doctor does not consider the beauty of the angle when shooting 4D color ultrasound. Originally, children like to move around in their stomachs. It is even harder to get clear facial features, and sometimes even toss all morning.

Finally, taking pictures with color Doppler is not the same as taking pictures with a camera

Color camera's camera technology is not the same as the camera. Color Doppler uses ultrasound technology, camera photography is the principle of small hole imaging, and technology can be used to make the photos clearer. In the view of non-professionals, even different color Doppler ultrasound images look almost the same, unless the fetus has obvious deformities, but the doctor must see through this picture such as: hydronephrosis, microcephaly, short fingers Developmental conditions such as deformities. Sometimes the picture is enlarged to see a certain part, and the child's facial features will certainly look like a big one.

At six months of pregnancy, the fetus has basically taken shape, and the facial features are quite clear. But this is from a medical perspective. Just like many newly born children, we can’t see the beauty and ugliness. Only when they grow up a little bit, their facial features and limbs continue to develop, and their bodies become more and more symmetrical. The longer they look, the more beautiful they are. Long open".

To help my mother's heart: Many newborns inherit the genes of their parents, and they may not necessarily show them at birth, such as double eyelids and earlobe size. As long as the parent's face value is not answered, the children will not be ugly wherever they are.

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