Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The most tasteless items in the waiting bag, have you stockpiled during pregnancy?

When it comes to hoarding during pregnancy, especially when the expectant mothers are preparing for the delivery package before the due date, it is a regret, and it really hurts her wallet. Many inexperienced pregnant mothers are going to visit the mother and baby store, all kinds of routines are given by the staff to prepare a lot of so-called "waiting for delivery", but when it is actually produced, they find that half of the waiting bags Even more items are unusable.

Netizens have summed up the most tasteless items in the waiting bag. Have you seen all the hoarding during pregnancy? The experience of the people here is that when preparing a package for delivery, you must ask whether the items you buy will be used, but don’t be fooled by the mother and baby shop clerk.

Newborn gloves, foot covers

Regardless of which month of the year you are having a baby, the mother and baby store clerk will sell it to you. When babies and toddlers are born, gloves and foot covers are necessary because the baby is too small and their small hands are not dropped. If you catch yourself, or your feet can't get cold, you must protect it, otherwise the baby will get sick. However, pregnant mothers who have bought these items have ignored the fact that clothes for infants and young children are basically provided with foot covers, and gloves are not recommended for babies. More Baoma's experience is that no matter how much you buy gloves and foot covers, they won't be used at all, so don't hoard.


Many pregnant mothers also think of buying a pacifier when they are preparing for the delivery package. But the fact is that the chance of using it after buying it is also very small, and the use of pacifiers, the timing and method of use is incorrect and it also has a negative impact, similar to such as making the baby between the nipple and the pacifier silly, It is also bad for the baby to develop the right habits. So the pacifier is also rated as the most tasteless item in the waiting bag by the treasure moms.

Air conditioning caps, breast pads, confinement shoes, etc. vary from person to person

Many of these items are said to be necessary by the mother-infant shop clerk when she prepares the package, but after you buy it, she sleeps at home. Whether or not to buy these items really varies from person to person. If pregnant mothers feel that they will not use it after they buy it, it is best not to hoard the best, otherwise it is wasteful to buy it.

Disposable underwear

Many waiting lists will have this in the list, but pregnant women should pay attention to it. Some people’s experience is that they are completely useless. So instead of spending money on disposable underwear, it might be more useful to have more cotton underwear.

Life is now very convenient. Pregnant mothers only need to prepare some items that must be used after the birth of the baby when preparing the waiting bag. Others can be added after the birth if necessary. This will ensure that when it is actually used, it will not be wasted.

Many treasure mothers said that after they became pregnant, for various reasons, every time they entered the mother and baby store, they would be given routines by the store clerk, and finally bought a lot of items that were not useful at all, and the money was spent on The family still occupies a lot of land. Even if you want to send it to a friend later, you can’t get it, because you already know that these items are “chicken ribs”. If you give them to your friends, they can’t use them and even affect each other’s feelings.

During pregnancy, what are the "most tasteless" items in your waiting bag? It's important to keep your eyes open when you visit a maternal and child store. Don't be fooled by the maternal and child store clerk.

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