Friday, June 26, 2020

The most particular postures in tea art

First; wash the pot. Bring to a boil in boiling water, and soup the pots and cups you want to use (clean, rest assured for guests, remove odors, and help to bring out the aroma of tea)

Second; cast tea. Tea is tricky (it is not the same as the amount we put in regardless of the size of the pot, the normal amount is one-third of the pot)

Third; Gao Chong, scrape foam, take a cup. (The purpose of Gao Chong is to pour water into the pot from a high point, so that the tea leaves in the pot are tumbled and spread out, so as to more fully brew the original taste of the tea leaves. Shaving foam is to scrape off the foam on the surface of the pot and then cover Sit on the lid for a while)

Fourth; low pride. Pour the brewed tea into the cup, which is low, so that the aroma of the tea leaves will not dissipate for no reason

Fifth; smelling and tasting tea. Before tasting tea, you must first observe its color and smell its fragrance before you enter

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